Commodity Trading Courses

When a person thinks of Trading, normally the novice trader would count stocks, shares, equities among their investment options. At times the list can even include mutual funds or ETFs. But that’s it, that’s the maximum a rookie’s imagination can travel.

Traders oblivious to the merits that the rich in options Commodity Market possesses will see them potentially losing out on the opportunity to make huge profits. Commodity Investing is one region of the market that never ceases to amaze. 

Investors that are willing to gain Commodity trading learning before stepping foot in the trading segment look for commodity trading courses. However, finding a trustworthy source of information can prove to be a fruitless fight not many are willing to fight. 

However, traders, investors who wish to enrol themselves in stock market courses on commodity trading can do so by accessing the e-learning platform, Stock Pathshala. The novel platform travels in a relatively novel scape, of enlightening people about the stock market.

Contents – Commodity Trading Courses 

Introduction to Commodities will help the learners in their endeavours of educating themselves about commodity trading. The course has been divided into 5 chapters that talk about the various aspects related to Commodity Trading. 

Chapter 1 – Commodity Derivatives: Meaning and Rationale

This chapter introduces the learner to the concept of Commodity derivatives. We divulge the meaning of the term, along with a slight bit of history to understand the need for the invention of the financial instrument. 

We solve queries of how and when commodity exchanges ownership from one investor to another. Along with the particulars of the process of commodity trading, we acquaint the learners with the risks involved in commodity derivatives as well as risks of taking a margin.

Chapter 2 – Commodity Futures in India and It’s Regulation

Here through this chapter, the learner will get to understand the significant role that Commodity

Trading play in the Indian economy.

 We take a look at the history of all regulations introduced in the country in regards to commodity trading, along with assessing their impact on the growth of the trade, and how the commodity futures has progressed with the course of time 

As the topic demands, we also discuss the roles of the regulator of Indian Commodity segment

Chapter 3 – Classification of Commodities

The name says it all. This chapter serves the purpose of informing the learner about the various classifications of Commodities. 

Plus, we bring it to the notice of the learners about commodity exchanges specializing in sets of commodities as well as commodity exchanges that are dedicated to one commodity in particular.

Chapter 4  -Trading Strategies: Arbitrage and Spreads

We discuss the strategies employed by investors to meet their trading needs. Further, the resulting yield out of these strategies varies in amount and depends on the duration the stocks are held by an investor or trader. 

This brings us to spread light on the topics of arbitrage and spread trading. Here we focus on providing detailed information about market arbitrage trading and spread trading with examples.

Chapter 5 – Fundamental Analysis of Precious Metals

In this chapter, we try to understand the factors that play a part in impacting the value of precious metals. When it comes to commodity trading in India, Gold and Silver are the most preferred metals. 

Fundamental Analysis is of utmost significance to traders and investors as it helps in predicting the performance of a certain commodity in the near or long term future. Likewise, any analysis isn’t carved in stone and things don’t always go as per plans.


So, that was all that made it to our course for an introduction to commodities. We are pretty sure that the learners will get ample to learn from our introductory free course – Introduction To Commodities. 

Stock Pathshala, the first of its kind stock trading e-learning platform seeks to simplify financial learning. Here, learners can visit and access courses about Stock Market investment, trading, and related topics.

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Plus, there are plans to soon introduce Tamil, Telugu, and Gujarati languages on the platform as well.

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