Currency Market

Currency Market reportedly registers a total trade of over $6.6 Trillion every day. Undoubtedly, the Currency Market is the largest, and at the same time, the most dynamic market in the world—no wonder the Currency Trading is seen by many as the ultimate source of wealth. 

However, if misused or used more than required, it can lead an investor to significant losses. The currency market requires an investor to remain aware at all times about the exchange rates of the currencies; the investor chooses to carry out trade.

The currency market never sleeps, and if not acted upon timely, the investor can miss out on opportunities to make the most out of the fluctuations in currency exchange rates. Thus it is hugely imperative to an investor’s case to develop an understanding of the currency market. 

However, there are many risks associated with the currency market. For instance, the market has also harboured scammers in huge proportions, and a novice trader can rather easily and unwittingly fall prey to these unfaithful individuals.  

For traders, investors who would love the prospect of learning about the stock market before working their way through it can do so by registering themselves for currency market courses on Stock Pathshala.  

Contents of the Course – Currency Market

Currency Market Introduction is the course where learners will get to learn the basics of currency trading. 

The course has been segregated into five chapters. It aims to cover the topics that form a crucial part for developing an understanding of the currency market and how a learner can utilize the same for carrying out currency trading. 

Chapter 1 – Currency Markets

First, here in this chapter, a learner will learn the currency market meaning and get an answer to the query regarding how the currency market works. 

Besides, we learn the meaning of the terms pairs and pips that form a vital crux of the currency market. While we are discovering the topic of pairs, we make some time to discussing the most commonly used pairs for currency trading.

Chapter 2 – Currency Terminologies

In this chapter, a learner will be familiarized with some of the most widely used terminologies in the currency trading market. Some of the terminologies discussed in this chapter include – cross rate, pip, spread, quote currency, base currency among others. 

Chapter 3 – Cross Rates

We touched upon the term of Cross Rates in the previous chapter while learning about the various currency terminologies. This chapter is more for developing a finer understanding of the term. 

The chapter will help the learner form a sense of the right situation to define cross rates and understand how these cross rates operate. We learn about their benefits and the risks they foster in themselves.

Later in the chapter, we have a look at a couple of examples of cross rates.

Chapter 4 – Factors Affecting The Currency Value

This chapter serves the purpose of bringing to the mindsight of the learner about the factors that have an impact on the currency values. 

Factors such as interest rate, government debt, political stability of a country, terms of trade all form part of the list of factors we have a look at in this chapter.

Having an understanding of these is immensely vital for an investor and will surely stand them in good stead.

Chapter 5 – Fixed Income Securities

This chapter is dedicated to the lesser-known topic of Fixed Income Securities. It isn’t uncommon for amateur traders to remain oblivious to the existence of these debt tools.

Here, learners will get to understand all the operational guidelines of these Fixed Income Securities, along with a couple of examples including Bonds, Treasury Bills. Asset-backed Securities. 

In the end, we take a look at all the advantages these securities offer, as well as the risks involved in the fixed-income securities. 


The currency market can prove to be a risky place for a trader with no prior experience and limited knowledge. Our course, Currency Market Introduction, as the name suggests, accomplishes the task of acquainting a learner to the concepts, rules, the conditions of the currency market. 

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