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Futures and Options, although is quite a commonplace term in the Stock Market, but escapes the people who have no experience or knowledge about the same. 

The flexibility in terms of time to produce and deliver the goods makes Futures and Options an interesting and appealing trading segment. Thus, many investors and traders can be found rushing at the prospect.

However, derivatives trading is no cakewalk either. It requires a prior understanding of the process, in addition to proper know-how of the terms and conditions of the trading segment. 

Such high is the risk factor that traders with negligible knowledge about Futures and Options trading entering the market with the motive of fixing some quick bucks can actually end up enduring even bigger losses. 

Such a scenario can leave a newbie trader helpless and disappointed. However, traders need not worry about the lack of means of educating themselves anymore. 

Stock Pathshala is a new age stock market e-learning platform that delivers on the hugely crucial agenda of educating traders and investors about the stock market. 

Here learners can learn about various trading segments including Futures and Options derivatives to yield higher returns on their investment. 

Contents of the Course – Futures and Options

By enrolling themselves in this stock market course, a learner can learn the basics and the various aspects of trading in Futures and Options. The course tackles the topics of Derivatives, Margins, along with advanced concepts of Futures and Options trading. 

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Derivatives

This chapter is dedicated to introducing the learners to the term – Derivatives. We discuss the operational cycle of Trading derivatives, meaning their sale and purchase, through the means of examples.

We talk of how companies cushion themselves against the irregular movements of exchange as well as interest rates with the help of derivatives. 

The indispensable topic of Over-The-Counter Derivatives makes case for a detailed discussion in the chapter.

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Chapter 2 – Margins

The chapter brings to the notice of the learners the different meanings the term – Margin holds across the industries of investment, business, and finance. Again, to make it simplified for the learners, we use examples to get our message delivered better. 

Later in the chapter, we take on the concept of Margin Calls. We talk about the purpose and the advantages behind sending margin calls. We will also be taking a look at the downside of taking margins.

Chapter 3 – Advanced Concepts Of Futures

In this chapter, a learner will get to experience it for themselves the reason behind the immense popularity of Futures trading among the seasoned traders. 

We take a look at some of the perks, the trading segment has to offer. While also comparing its characteristics to other investment options. 

Chapter 4 – Futures Trading Strategies

Here in this chapter, a learner will learn about the various futures trading contracts. We take a look at the most important of futures trading strategies – Bull Spread, Bear Spread, Long Call, Short Call, Long Synthetic Futures to name a few. 

The talk of distinctive features, and how and when to employ these strategies with practical examples is what constitutes this chapter. 

Chapter 5 – Introduction to Options

Finally, after having a detailed discussion about Futures, this chapter is where we begin the lessons about Options. How do Options work, and why should investors use options are among some of the questions, we wish to solve through this chapter. 

Later in the chapter, we discuss the various types of options and understanding their mechanism with examples.

Chapter 6 – Options Pricing

This chapter will help learners understand the factors that play a role in determining and later cause fluctuations in the prices of Options. Majorly, there are 2 factors. 

We bring them under the scope and learn about them in-depth so as to better understand their part in the whole play. Also, we learn about the concerns while measuring options pricing.

Chapter 7 – Interpreting Market Indicators 

To trade in derivatives, the understanding and information of the stock markets should be supplemented by the practical knowledge of making sense out of Market Indicators. Market indicators are ratio based calculations that help an investor make sound trading decisions. 

Here in this chapter, we take a look at some of the most common technical indicators such as Market Breadth, Market Sentiment, McClellan Oscillator, etc. 


These were the contents of our free textual course – Gateway To Futures and Options, which will surely stand the learners in good stead. The course has been devised in such a manner to simplify the financial terms for a rookie without overwhelming them.

For traders and investors who want to gain information about the stock market, Stock Pathshala is the place to be. The e-learning platform can be accessed through an Android smartphone application – available for free on Google Play Store.  

Stock Pathshala is a dual-language – Hindi, English, platform offering learners the chance to learn about the stock market through courses. Plus, we’re soon introducing Tamil, Telugu, and Gujarati language courses as well. 

The courses are available on the platform in the form of video courses, textual courses, and audio podcasts. Thus offering enough options for a learner and ensuring their learning is never impeded.

However, for gaining access to our premium content, the learner will have to subscribe to our pro membership plans. Currently, we offer 3 pro plans – Beginner, Star, Legend.

Futures and options trading is difficult, and that is exactly why Stock Pathshala offers a detailed course on the gateway of futures and options for you.

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