Stock Market Basics

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If you’re looking for Learning Stock Market From Scratch, this course – Stock Market Introduction, is for you. The course has been split into chapters to streamline the learning path.

Contents of the Course – Stock Market Basics

The course Stock Market Introduction consists of 6 chapters that will ensure Stock Market Basic Learning to the learners. This course covers all the terms, associated participants in the whole mechanism of the Stock Market.

Chapter 1 – What is a Stock?

This chapter serves the purpose of acquainting a learner with the term – Stock. This chapter covers all the information associated with Stocks, which include the definition of stocks, discussion about the various types of stocks, ownership details related to every stock purchased in a business. 

Chapter 2 – What is Stock Market?

In chapter 2, we shed light on the phenomenon of the Stock Market through well-conceptualized examples and discuss the terms related to the Stock Market. The mention of the Stock Market further brings along the term stock exchange. 

We discuss the various stock exchanges that allow investors and retail traders the opportunity to trade in various segments of the stock markets. 

Chapter 3 – Stock Market Participants

As we begin to delve further into the world of Stock Market, we are faced with the prospect of learning about all the actors involved in the Stock Market. 

This mandates having a discussion about each one of them and learning more about their roles, responsibilities, and how they form the efficient process cycle.

Chapter 4 – IPO

This chapter is dedicated to the concept of IPO or Initial Public Offering. Here in this chapter, the learners will get to familiarize themselves with the concept of IPO. We seek to tackle the queries regarding what are the rules and the process of participating in an Initial Public Offering.

Also, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of participating in an IPO.

Chapter 5 – How Stock Market Works?

This chapter will provide the learner with the opportunity to learn about the functioning of the Stock Market. This chapter will quell the learner’s curiosity regarding how does a day at the Stock Market goes by and most importantly how the stock market works.

We discuss the schedule of both the major stock exchanges of NSE and BSE and how they manage their time every day.

This chapter will offer solutions to questions regarding what are the sessions included in the routine at both the stock exchanges and the associated details.

Chapter 6 – Trading Account And Platforms

This chapter draws the distinction between trading and Demat accounts. We discuss their purposes and their importance for trading in the Stock Market. 

Then comes the time to discuss trading platforms offered by the various stock brokerage firms that take the pain out of trading in the Stock Market. The fees, if any associated with such trading platforms depends on the individual stockbroker and can be impacted by the trading needs of the account holder.


As you can see, the course matter has been segregated into chapters to facilitate the learning path for a learner.

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