Frequently Asked Questions

Where can one download the Stock Pathshala app from?

Currently, Stock Pathshala is available to android users only. The Stock Pathshala app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

What do I get in the free version of Stock Pathshala?

The Stock Pathshala free version lets the user access informational videos, free introductory textual as well as video courses, in addition to audio podcasts.

Is Stock Pathshala free?

Stock Pathshala can be downloaded from the Play Store for free. Once, the app is installed on your smartphone, you can register with our platform and enjoy access to videos, and a few introductory courses for free.

In which languages are Stock Pathshala courses available?

Stock Pathshala is a multilingual e-learning platform that offers courses in Hindi and English language. Also, we are planning to introduce our courses in Telugu, Tamil, and Gujarati.

What are the different plans available in Stock Pathshala? What do I get?

Stock Pathshala offers 3 Pro membership plans, namely – Beginner, Star, Legend, which grants the users access to all the audio podcasts, videos and textual courses.

Following are the details of each Pro membership plan – 

  1. Beginner – A user can subscribe to the Beginner membership plan for just ₹2999 and enjoy unlimited access to the platform for 1 month.
  2. Star – Star membership plan is valid for a period of 3 months. This plan is available to a Stock Pathshala user for ₹4999.
  3. Legend – By subscribing to the Legend membership plan, users are guaranteed unlimited access to Stock Pathshala for the duration of 12 months.

On what trading segments are the courses available in Stock Pathshala?

Stock Pathshala virtually has courses on every trading segment. In definitive terms, the platform currently offers courses in Equity (Intraday, Long Term Investment), Commodity, Currency, Derivatives (Futures and Options). 

Further, there are courses available on Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Stock Market Indicators and Oscillators and such topics. However, these are pro courses and are only available to a pro member.

Why shall I opt for the Stock Pathshala Pro Plan?

The Stock Pathshala e-learning platform, although offers learners the access to its video, textual courses as well as audio podcasts. However these courses are just introductory courses. 


For learners who wish to gain a better understanding of stock markets and avail the courses that cover complex concepts, topics related to the stock market can do so by subscribing to a pro plan of Stock Pathshala. 

The pro plans allow users unlimited and unhindered access to the content available on the e-learning platform. Further, new courses are added to the platform every week.

How to register/signup with Stock Pathshala?

A user has the option of signing up with Stock Pathshala by three means. 

  1. Sign Up with Email – Users can signup with Stock Pathshala using their email. Users will need to provide their email address and mobile number, in addition to choosing a username and setting up a password to secure the account. 
  2. Sign up with Facebook – For signing up with Stock Pathshala using your Facebook account, users will be required to fill in their Facebook account credentials. Users need to submit your phone number or email address along with your Facebook password.
  3. Sign up with Google – Users can sign up with their Google account. You need to submit your Google account login credentials, i.e email or phone number and password.

How frequently are new courses added to Stock Pathshala?

With Stock Pathshala, we are focused on covering each and every topic related to Stock Markets. For delivering on that promise, we are working continuously to create a new course every week.

Does Stock Pathshala conduct any quizzes?

Each of our courses has been split into chapters. Each chapter comes with an accompanying quiz which will help the learner track their progress.

As it generally happens with e-learning platforms, learners don’t actually get the chance to test their knowledge. We made sure this doesn’t happen to our subscribers.

What if I face an issue while using the Stock Pathshala App?

In case you are faced with any troubles, queries while using our app, you can contact us at [email protected]. Our team will get to you and assist you in resolving the issue at the earliest. 

Else, you can call up our customer support team at +(91) 857 453 0001

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