Who we are

What’s in a name? 

Can’t talk about anyone else but it evidently reveals a lot about our identity. Even the great Shakespeare would have agreed. 

Established in 2016, Stock Pathshala is a start-up pioneering the field of financial education. Fueled by the creativity of young, dynamic, and passionate professionals, and ably guided by the experience of the veterans of the stock market which enables us to deliver quality products each time.


Our Mission

Stock Pathshala was brought into existence with the sole motive of demystifying the world of Stock Market. 

Though we hear its mention regularly from all quarters, still Stock Market as a subject to an extent continues to remain an enigma. 

Sensing this deficiency, we decided to pitch in. Our app Stock Pathshala serves the purpose of educating and enlightening folks about the concepts, principles, intricacies pertaining to the stock market.


We are for one and all

If you are a rookie still weighing your options in Stock Trading or would like to familiarize yourself with the rules and tricks of the game before stepping into the playground – You can begin with our introductory courses.

Whether you identify yourself as a seasoned operator – Our advanced courses will help you upgrade your skill-set. 

Whatever be your motive, whatever be your ambition, Stock Pathshala is here at your service to assist you in fulfilling those endeavors.

As we said, we are here to educate, among our top priorities was to ensure that language didn’t  become a barrier to learning. Our application is available in Hindi and English certainly goes a long way in delivering on that promise. In addition, we are already working on including other languages such as Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil to better our reach among willing learners.

Feel free to send in your suggestions regarding any other language additions. You can contact us at : [email protected].

Diversity at its best

Who doesn’t like options? Our e-learning platform houses content in all shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the learners. 

Learners can access our courses dedicated to various trading segments or specific topics related to the stock market. The variety in terms of content on Stock Pathshala guarantees that your learning is never hindered.

  • Video Courses ✔
  • Audio Podcasts ✔
  • Textual Courses ✔ 

You name it. We got it. 

The courses available on Stock Pathshala cover every trading segment of the stock market. To give you a hint, these are a couple of courses that are currently available on our platform :

  • Stock Market Introduction
  • Stock Market Investments
  • Introduction to Commodities
  • Gateway to Futures and Options
  • Technical Analysis Using Chart Patterns
  • Futures and Options Trading Basics

To ease the learning process our course matter has been split into chapters with an accompanying quiz to help the learner assess their progress. 

Did anyone mention killing two birds with one stone? This can be a pretty decent example.

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