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Cryptocurrency is a glittering concept in today’s day and age of investing. Its value has increased exponentially since the time it was introduced which makes it a very tempting investment option. However, before investing your hard-earned money, it is imperative you learn to trade in cryptocurrency. 

Just like all that glitters is not gold, everything that looks shiny and tempting in your eyes isn’t going to make you rich without having the proper knowledge about the concept. 

A lot of traders or investors make the mistake of trading on gut feelings and they might make profits occasionally in that process, but it is always a very risky investment process. 

Therefore, to help you out in knowing how to learn to trade in cryptocurrency, we look at the best mediums you can use to conceptualize this entire prospect of cryptocurrency and sharpen your cryptocurrency trading or investing skills to take measured and well-thought decisions.

But first, we will briefly look at what we actually mean by trading in cryptocurrency.

Learn Cryptocurrency Trading

Before getting into the detail of how to learn cryptocurrency, let’s understand its meaning in detail.

As the name suggests, cryptocurrency is hidden or let’s say cryptic currency that works on a decentralized blockchain method. It is extremely volatile in nature which is why it can be extremely profitable to trade in it but at the same time, you can suffer heavy losses too because of the very same reason. 

Some of the most popular and highest-ranked cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Solana, and Tether. For sure, you must have heard of them as cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Much like the stock market, cryptocurrency trading means predicting the price movements of various cryptocurrencies based on using several charts, tools and indicators. Thus it is important for every trader to learn cryptocurrency before they start trading in crytos. 

Once you decide to learn a new concept, the next question that comes to your mind is how to find the best resources or mediums to learn it.

How to Learn Cryptocurrency Trading?

When it comes to learning to trade in cryptocurrency, the best way to learn it is either by reading the books written on trading in cryptocurrency or by taking relevant online and offline courses. 

The offline courses are available at different locations where you can reach out to different teaching institutes that provide learning courses. On the other hand, the online courses are available on different platforms including Youtube, mobile apps, online classes etc. 

As a beginner, you can start by reading books based on the concept of cryptocurrency and can enroll in the cryptocurrency course as per your convenience.

Best Books to Learn Cryptocurrency Trading 

Books are always considered the best teachers. When you begin to learn something, you take up a book and read it until you get the entire concept. The same learning strategy can be applied to the time when you take up learning to trade in cryptocurrency.

“ If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book ”,  J.K. Rowling, author of the famous Harry Potter series. 

However, it is vital that you only pick up the best books available on trading in cryptocurrency in this huge library of books that are available. Only when you find the right book, you can learn something efficiently. 

To make sure you don’t get confused amidst the numerous books written on the above topic as well as the number of courses available on the internet, we have picked some of the best resources for you in this article. 

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Cryptocurrency Trading Courses  

Even though there is an abundance of online courses that help you learn trading in cryptocurrency and you know the best one already, there are only limited options when it comes to offline courses in India. 

There are only a handful of universities that provide cryptocurrency trading courses in their colleges. Just like the online courses, a learner can enroll themselves in these programs to learn to trade in cryptocurrency in an offline mode.  

Cryptocurrency Trading Courses Online

While finding an offline course that caters to all your demands is challenging, online courses are a majorly comfortable tool for learning cryptocurrency trading since they give knowledge through various tools and not just in the textual format like Books. 

When it comes to understanding the concept of cryptocurrency, most traders rely on online platforms to understand the concept. This is mainly because of the ease to access.

So, when it comes to the online platform to learn cryptocurrency, many traders still rely on the Youtube channels. No doubt, there are multiple videos and concepts explained for Free, but the content is not up to date, which might misguide or not help you in doing market analysis in the right way.

To simplify this, there are apps that can be downloaded on your smartphone and deliver updated information in different forms.

Apps to Learn Cryptocurrency

These tools serve the same purpose as your classrooms, only virtually. They provide you lectures on given topics in the audio as well as video format and conduct several tests and quizzes from time to time to evaluate your learning, just like schools and colleges do. 

Again, it doesn’t easy for aspiring traders to pick the best course for them since there are multiple courses online that teach trading in cryptocurrency. Following are the few factors on which you should evaluate a particular course.

  • Ease of learning
  • Efforts to solve problems
  • Learning with fun
  • Communication with educators and fellow learners
  • Easy access to study material 
  • Flexibility in the courses
  • Regular quizzes and tests to check your learnings
  • Certification

Based on the above parameters, the Stock Pathshala Cryptocurrency trading course makes the cut for being the most valuable learning course. This course is available on the Stock Pathshala smartphone app which is available both on android and iOS devices. 

Stock Pathshala App

Stock Pathshala is an online educational platform that provides education related to the stock market and cryptocurrencies. It has different courses covering numerous topics and one of those is the cryptocurrency trading course, suitable for cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to kickstart their learning in this field. 

  • Ease of Learning

The education provided under this course is in the format of text, audio, and video to make sure the learners get practical illustrations of the concept along with theoretical knowledge. The audio format learning is provided through podcasts. 

The video courses are made in animated versions too meaning the learner has fun while learning relatively complex topics. Along with animation, the Stock Pathshala users get live classes too where they get to learn from an educator. This way, the course ticks the “ Ease of learning “ parameter. 

  • Learning with Fun

The course also includes reels and shorts along with animated videos that educate the users in an entertaining way. 

  • Efforts to Solve Problems

It is fairly natural to have some doubts and problems while learning anything, especially a new concept and how quickly and conveniently your doubts get resolved decides the quality of the educator in a major way. 

With Stock Pathshala, you can either present your doubts directly in front of the educators in the problem-solving classes or you can join their chat-based online community platforms and discuss your problems with your fellow learners or try to solve their problems if you can. 

This again works like a normal classroom where you either approach your teacher to get the answer to your questions or you discuss them with your classmates. 

  • Easy access to Study Materials

Under this course, you get both the live classes and their recorded versions so that you can hear the lectures and learn from them at your convenience. You can choose to skip the live classes if they don’t match your timings and still access all the content through the recordings whenever you have time. 

  • Flexibility in Courses

Flexibility is great, isn’t it? Whether we talk about the working-class people who love to have flexible work timings or we take a cricket team where players with flexible skills are preferred, everyone loves the flexibility. 

This is why the Stock Pathshala cryptocurrency trading course has a flexible structure where the users get to pick the course length of their own choice. They can either opt for a one-month class or they can go for the classes of longer durations that get completed in a period of 6 and 12 months. 

  • Regular tests and quizzes

The learning gets wasted until we don’t keep testing ourselves on a regular basis which is why this course offers regular self-assessment tests and quizzes. Based on the results, a user can evaluate themselves and find out their strengths and weakness during the duration of the course only. 

  • Certifications

Even though the learnings from this course are going to be of significance important in your trading journey and you can apply whatever you learn from the course in your trading to make profits, a certificate is never a bad incentive for good performance.

Stock Pathshala offers online certifications upon the completion of these courses. 

Why Choose Stock Pathshala to Learn Cryptocurrency? 

Apart from the above benefits, flexible the structure of a course it is the content in the app, that makes it different from the other available online resources and apps. 

This course offers the below-mentioned things as a part of its content:

  • Basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies, including the operating system of Blockchain
  • How to trade in cryptocurrency using the P2P method 
  • How to trade in cryptocurrency with the help of exchanges
  • How to acquire cryptocurrency wallets and protect them from online fraud
  • How to do the best research about a coin of your interest
  • How to do the technical analysis of a cryptocurrency correctly, including reading the candlestick charts
  • Cryptocurrency mining 
  • Fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading, including having emotional control and reading trading psychology and other complex market factors while trading
  • How to use risk management techniques to reduce the trading associated risks
  • Futures & Options in cryptocurrency

How Long Does it take to Learn Cryptocurrency Trading?

This is a question that doesn’t have one suitable answer and it is subjective to people’s interest and their intent of learning. It also depends on the course length which is designed differently taking the different amounts of content into consideration under the Stock Pathshala cryptocurrency trading course. 

There are three different courses related to cryptocurrency trading available on Stock Pathshala and their lengths are one month, 6-months, and one year. 

People who enroll themselves in courses of longer durations get to learn the trading in detail while people who take up one-month courses get a detailed overview of the concepts that are used in cryptocurrency trading.

Learn Cryptocurrency Free

You can also learn to trade in cryptocurrency for free of cost through Stock Pathshala where you get limited access to the content without having to pay any cost. 

Let’s say this learn to trade in cryptocurrency course has 10 chapters in the textual format then the user gets access to two of them for free while they have to pay for the remaining chapters which are a choice based decision.

So why wait for more, to get access to the free courses on Cryptocurrency now download the app.


Since the popularity of cryptocurrency has reached newer heights in the last few years in India, investors have moved on towards this digital form of currency with the obvious aim of investing and making profits. 

However, even with the massive growth in popularity, the number of platforms that provide quality knowledge and information about trading in cryptocurrency has remained the same more or less and because of this, one needs to be very circumspect about picking the right learning tools for them. 

Through this article, we discussed the best methods to learn trading in cryptocurrency so that you don’t dive into this ocean of trading without the support of a life jacket, which is your knowledge in this case. Knowledge, combined with experience makes up for the most profitable outcome in trading. 


Before investing capital, invest your time in learning Stock Market.
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