Learn Options Trading

learn options trading

Stock market, a place where one enters with one objective to earn profit. Most of the traders these days want to make a huge profit in the shortest time and therefore choose to trade options. So, is option trading gambling where one can make money easily? No, because options trading requires skill and complete knowledge and therefore this makes it mandatory to learn options trading. 

So, let’s have a look at different available options that help in learning options and its concepts. 

Learn How to Trade Options

There are multiple ways to gain knowledge about any subject or field, but the best way to learn options trading for beginners is by consuming different forms of knowledge like texts, videos, charts strategies, etc. 

But how to choose the best way to learn options trading?

Well! It depends on many factors, whether:

You want to learn it for FREE!

You want to learn options offline


You are looking for an online medium to learn options

There are all options around you, all you have to do is pick the right way that helps you understand the concept better. 

Learn Options Trading FREE

Most traders look for free sources to learn options trading. It is not a bad idea at all. 

But yes! It is sometimes unstructured and can often lead to confusion. However, you can explore the ways of how to trade without money in the stock market. Some virtual trading platforms helps you learn and practice your trade setups in the real market without using real money. 

Here are some of the ways to learn trading options for FREE:

Learn Options Trading Blogs

If you are looking for a way to learn options trading online then there are different websites where you can read blogs about options. 

There are several blogs on Option greeks, different option trading strategies, option trading margins, etc.  

One such website with all kinds of option concepts in one place is Stock Pathshala.

option trading blogs

Stock Pathshala helps you understand the meaning, strategies, and other difficult concepts of options trading through short and long blogs written in both Hindi and English language. 

Explore the blogs now and start learning options trading. 

Learn Options Trading Youtube 

Some people find reading boring and hence there are Youtube channels where you can learn options for free.

These days Youtube has taught people how to cook, how to sing, and how to dance. Similarly, YouTube videos can help you learn the basics of option trading. 

One can easily access them for free. It is suggested that you do thorough research and see which creator’s videos are easy to understand for you.

It’s always better to give our time to a quality tutor when we really want to learn something. Also, it helps you in understanding the practical concepts of the market that further enhance and grow your knowledge. 

learn options trading youtube

One of the best YouTube Channels to learn option trading is Stock Pathshala. Just check out the channel now and do not forget to Subscribe to get the latest update on Option trading Tutorials.

Books on Option Trading

When someone thought of learning new concepts, they started looking for books. Well! There is no doubt that even in 2023, nothing can beat good books to learn options. 

But among thousands of books which one is the best for you?

option trading books

Here is the list of five option trading books that you can start learning from.

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The only drawback of learning from books is that the concepts are explained theoretically and one can find it difficult to execute those strategies when it comes to practical trading.

Best App to Learn Options Trading in India 

With growing technology, almost every piece of information is on our mobile phones. Then why not option trading? There are many trading applications and courses available online, but one of the best is Stock Pathshala.  

stockpathshala app

Some of the features that Stock Pathshala offers to its users are:

  • Stock market learning in an easy language. 
  • Learners can gain knowledge in different formats, like audio, video, and text.
  • The app covers everything from basic to advanced levels.
  • The application is available in multiple languages & Courses can be accessed in English, Hindi,
  • Gujarati, Tamil, and Telugu. 
  • Quizzes at the end of every chapter for self-assessment. 
  • Reviews on all kinds of IPOs, PMS companies, Stockbrokers, etc. 
  • New feature “Scalps” for grabbing the concept quickly.
  • Free courses in textual, audio, and video format. 
  • Pocket-friend pro membership to learn advanced concepts. 
  • Daily live classes for Pro Members. 
  • Appealing offers on opening a demat account, brokerage discounts, and a lot more.

The app is currently available on Play Store and soon will be provided to iOS users as well. 

How Long Does it Take to Learn Options Trading? 

Research says that it takes at least 21 days to learn a new skill or develop a habit. But option trading is not just a skill with predefined results. 

The market is uncertain, and for trading options, you need to learn basic option trading terminologies, chart patterns, technical indicators, and much more than that, trading psychology.  

Your choice of platform, dedication, and practice can help you learn options in the shortest time.

Is Learning Options Trading Worth It?

Have you ever driven a car without knowing where the accelerator, clutch, and brake are? Just like trading is like driving a vehicle, you have to ride one if you really want to drive it.

You can enroll in the Stock Pathshala Option Trading Course to get technical terms at your fingertips, but trading psychology is only learned when you land on the battleground.

So start trading as you go along your learning journey.

Our team has experienced tutors who can help you with your doubts and questions. Feel free to reach out to us. Happy trading! 

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