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NIFTY is one of the most popular trading indexes by the NSE (National Stock Exchange). Traders trade in NIFTY as it contains the largest and top-listed companies in the market. But how to learn nifty trading? For that, you need to continue reading.

How to Learn Nifty Trading?

Do you want to learn nifty trading for free and gain basic knowledge or enroll in a detailed and advanced learning course?

If you want to learn for free then the following resources can help.

  • Youtube videos 
  • Blogs
  • Audio Podcasts

If you want to get advanced training in nifty trading then you can choose from

  • Nifty trading online course 
  • Buy advanced trading books 
  • Install the learning application

Books to Learn Nifty Trading

What’s learning without books? They are the ultimate source of knowledge. For a good beginning in trading, you need to learn technical analysis, fundamental analysis, investment strategies and much more. Here we have five books that can help you with a great start.

Books to Learn Nifty Trading
Title Author
One Up On Wall Street Peter Lynch
How to Make Money in Stocks William J. O’Neil
Stocks to Riches Parag Parikh
Technical Analysis Explained Martin Pring
Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns Thomas Bulkowski
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Learn Nifty Trading App

Traders can learn about trading in different indexes from the Stock Pathshala mobile application.
You can download it from the Google Play store. The application has more than 1 lakh users who are learning trading through different courses.

Here are the features that make this application better than all others:

  • Users can easily understand the language. 
  • Different learning formats are available, which include texts, videos, and audio.
  • You can learn according to your pace based on levels. (beginner, intermediate, and expert) 
  • The application is suitable for Indian users whose native language is different from Hindi or English. 
  • Stock Pathshala has courses in, Gujarati, Telugu, and Tamil.
  • The app enables self-assessment through quizzes.
  • Affordable premium membership to learn advanced concepts.
  • Pro Members get daily live classes.
  • Demat account opening, brokerage discounts, and other offers.

In addition, the Stock Pathshala mobile app has a special function called “Scalps” that will aid you in understanding trading concepts in a minute brief video.

Best YouTube Channels for Nifty Trading

If YouTube has made people great chefs, dancers, and singers, why not great traders? You can learn everything you need from YouTube if you have the zeal and find the right channel.

One of the best YouTube Channels for Nifty trading is Stock Pathshala. They have a team of experienced tutors with vast knowledge of charts, technical indicators, trading psychology, and much more.

In addition to that, the video includes learning in an entertaining way with real-life examples, so you won’t forget any concept. Look at their channel and subscribe; you won’t regret it. 

Best Site to Learn Nifty Trading

A good website is one that contains all the necessary information, has easy-to-understand language, and has an appealing user interface.

Stock Pathshala website gives its users a satisfactory experience when they scroll around the pages and the blog section includes the latest blogs on nifty trading, candlestick chart patterns, option chain analysis, etc.

Nifty Trading Courses

Getting enrolled in a Stock Pathshala course has numerous benefits, including:

  • You get a personal mentor
  • You get doubt-clearing sessions 
  • You can learn from your mistakes 
  • You get assessment quizzes

Stock Pathshala offers courses on multiple segments in the stock market including, trading in nifty, options trading, value investing, and technical analysis. To get registered, install the Stock Pathshala mobile application and become a pro member today. 

Learning nifty trading is not a challenge if you have the right resources around you. But note that stock market trading involves risks and does not guarantee a 100 percent success rate.

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