Learn Option Selling

Options are made to sell.” This quote seems quite right when we compare the risk-reward ratio of option selling with option buying.  But how to make profit from selling options? Do you want to learn option selling? 

Let’s explore in this article how you can do that.

How to Learn Option Selling?

Option selling includes deciding the right amount of premium, analyzing market volatility, and much more. 

Before you continue to learn option selling, we would suggest you learn option trading in detail and then get into it. 

But if you have already done that, then there are different ways through which you can get option selling strategies on your tips. Note that options have a higher risk probability than the other segments of trading, so it’s better to learn wisely.

Multiple resources like books, blogs, and videos can help you gain knowledge about the options. Although it is always advised to seek guidance from experienced traders.

We are not asking you to knock on someone’s door right away. You can read books written by top-class traders and finance educators.

Best Books to Learn Option Selling

Books have every detail and answers to most of your questions. Here are five well-praised option trading books that can help you with option selling.


Best App to Learn Option Selling

Option Sellers can learn about factors affecting option premium, and different option selling strategies from mobile applications. One such application is Stock Pathshala.

With more than 1 lakh trusted users, it teaches you multiple stock market concepts with the following features:

  • Its education is linguistically and easily comprehensible’
  • You can learn whether it is through text, audio, or video. 
  • Levels from beginner to expert are available on the app.
  • People who speak two languages can also learn in their first tongue. 
  • The courses are offered in Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, and Tamil in addition to English. 
  • With quizzes, the app facilitates self-evaluation. 
  • Online courses that are free in text, audio, and video formats. 
  • Budget-friendly pro membership to learn advanced concepts. 
  • Pro Members have access to daily live classes. 
  • The opening of a demat account, brokerage discounts, and many other attractive offers.

Apart from this Stock Pathshala mobile application has a unique feature called “Scalps” that will help you understand option-selling concepts in less than a minute of video. To know how it works, you must download the app from the Google Play Store today.

You will discover many more intriguing features once you have the app installed.

Learn Option Selling Youtube

Videos make learning easy and interesting. Here are two video platforms for your benefit. 

YouTube can help you with Option selling. Trading psychology can be learned from various podcast videos of traders. You can watch content creators and choose the one that speaks your language.

Option Selling Courses

All the above options are for people who are good at self-study, but if your way of learning is getting a tutor, then we suggest you enrol in an online Option selling course. 

The course will help you learn concepts in a disciplined manner, and you can do dummy trading (without real capital) as well.

Stock Pathshala has various courses for its users. These courses are defined at different levels, like beginner, intermediate, and expert.


In conclusion, traders can learn about option selling from various resources on the internet. Most people prefer easy modes of learning that can be accessible whenever they want. For example, blogs and mobile applications. 

If you want to start option selling today, you can reach out to Stock Pathshala. Our team will guide you with Option chain matrices, option trading strategies, etc.

In case you’d like us to call you back to explain more about stock market learning, just leave your contact info below:

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