Stock Market Strategy Books

The stock market is all about strategizing things and then acting on the same. Just fluking it might work for some but it is not a reliable option. Therefore, it is important to learn the various strategies involved in the share market. And what is better than a good book? Therefore, let us talk about some stock market strategy books that will guide you to ace every segment of the stock market.

Best Stock Market Strategy Books 

There is no experience in the world that can beat the essence and learnings of a great book. It is not just the most reliable source, but also gives an individual touch of personal experience. Books can not just impart life lessons and help the reader live several times through it, but can also help in enhancing your stock market journey.

When you learn stock market, familiarize yourself with its intricacies of it, and then practice it in the real world, it is bound to give you great returns.

Here is a list of books for learning the stock market in a better way. These stock market strategy books will groom you for every aspect of the stock market and shed light on the best strategies that you can use.

1. How to Make Money In Intraday Trading- Ashwani Gujral

how to make money in intraday trading

A lot of individuals often dream of making great money in intraday trading. But do you know that majority of the traders leave the stock market because of less knowledge and huge losses? As it is rightly said, little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ and therefore, this book by Ashwani Gujral helps you to learn everything about making money through intraday trading.

Ajwani Gujral is a successful trader and has elaborated on various aspects of intraday trading with his witty writing. The book has an edge as being a trader, Ashwani has complied with all his tested strategies in the book. This gives the reader also a sense of relief and confidence and has a higher chance to succeed.

The major concepts that he has talked about in his books are the 3Ms of trading (method, money management, and mindset), technical tools like moving averages, candles, etc. He has also talked about the strategies that can help you get out of the market traps and unfavourable situations.

This book has more than 200 different examples and charts to make you a professional intraday trader and make money out of it.

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2. Trading Harmonic Patterns with Technical Analysis- Rohan Shah

Trading Harmonic Patterns with Technical Analysis- Rohan Shah

Another important aspect of intraday trading is to learn technical analysis as it forms an important part of intraday trading. Technical analysis not only helps a trader to choose the right stock but also to pick the right entry and exit time.

If you are looking for a perfect guide f0r understanding and using technical analysis for your benefit, then this book by Rohan Shah is a perfect match for you.

He elaborated on the harmonic patterns and how to use the right strategies to make the most out of each opportunity. The book talks about how to identify harmonic patterns and bullish and bearish harmonic patterns.

Apart from this, the book also talks about how to use other technical tools like support, resistance, and various candlestick patterns like engulfing, hammer and hanging man, etc.

This book by Rohan Shah is also one of the best books for technical analysis and therefore teaches a lot about the right strategies for a trader.

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3. Best Option Trading Strategies for Indian Market: Your handbook for Option Trading Strategies- Moonmoon Biswas

Best option trading strategies for indian market

Options trading is often considered a very difficult task. But the major reason behind this is the lack of knowledge. This can be sorted with the help of this book by Moonmoon Biswas, which talks about option trading strategies, specifically keeping in mind the Indian market.

This book is perfect for beginners as well because the author has talked about the general information of options trading in the book. She has carefully made it a point to explain concepts like options greek and even how to calculate the profit and loss and draw the diagrams.

In the latter half of the book, the author covers different option trading strategies that have stood the test of time. The practical touch to the book makes it worth reading if you want to make a regular income using options. The experiences written in the book are based on the author’s sole experiences and therefore have credibility as well.

So, for making money using options trading, you can read this book and live the experiences of the author.

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4. The Complete Guide to Option Strategies: Advanced and Basic Strategies on Stocks – Michael Mullaney

The complete guide to options strategy- Michael Mullaney

Michael Mullaney in his book has kept the essence of the title intact by creating a carefully designed guide for the option traders. He himself is a successful options trader and therefore has delivered all his experiences and strategies through his book.

This book not only comprises theoretical knowledge but also has the right touch of practical advice. After all, it is very important to sync your theoretical knowledge with the right practical approach.

The book begins with the basics of options trading and gradually moves to an intermediate and advanced level, giving the readers a complete insight into the arena.

It is an overall guide for people who want to learn options strategies and also the basics of options trading to make the best of them and earn great money.

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5. Price Action Breakdown- Laurentiu Damir

Price action breakdown- Laurentiu Damir

Price action strategies are famous amongst the traders as they have the potential of generating great returns if used the right way. This book by Laurentiu Damir solely talks about the price action strategies that you can use in the financial markets and make the best of them.

The author has talked about the concepts like moving supply and demand levels, the value of price, and much more. The book allows the trader to think analytically and learn strategies that are generally not found anywhere else. This book also helps to prepare the mindset of the trader.

If you read the book and then apply the concepts in the practical world, it is guaranteed that you will get better results and soon see profits pouring in.

So, if you want to learn the pure art of price action strategies or any price action trading course, then this book is the right pick for you.

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6. Understanding Price Action-Bob Volman

Understanding price action- Bob volman

Bob Volman has carefully curated this book for both beginner traders as well as professional ones. It helps them develop a complete knowledge of how one can make use of the naked chart.

But what makes this book different? It is loaded with examples and all the practical approaches to the mentioned price action strategies. The author also talks about how the right mindset and common sense is important to make the best of any situation.

The author does not sugar coats anything and has presented everything with sheer transparency. This gives the readers a sense of belief as well. He has made use of the 5-minute charts and conveyed everything in great detail.

This book is a great read for people who want to see the real markets and use the principles there and also understand the need to pay attention to every detail.

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7. The Intelligent Investor- Benjamin Graham

The Intelligent Investor Benjamin Graham

If we talk of the best stock market books then it is important that we talk about this absolutely perfect guide for investors. And this is evident as Warren Buffet also says that this is, “By far the best book on investing ever written.”

This book although was written a while back, several annotations have been made to make it suitable for the current markets. Benjamin Graham talks about the art and strategies of value investing and how it protects investors from unfavourable market conditions.

He teaches the investors to pick the right stocks for the long-term using the right strategies and mindset. The book has survived the test of time and given investors of various ages the right strategies to work with and become successful investors.

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The stock market strategy books listed above will give you complete information about the strategies an options trader, intraday trader, and also investor can use. The knowledge from the books will shape your trading career and you will definitely become a better trader/investor in the market.

You can further take up a stock market course to enhance your knowledge. For advanced concepts, you can download the StockPathshala App and enhance your skills.

Before investing capital, invest your time in learning Stock Market.
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