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It isn’t uncommon to hear people whine about feeling the heat due to a financial crunch. Anyone can experience it many at some point in time, find themselves in the situation. Such conditions leave people looking for alternatives to income. One of the most ignored options is to actually go ahead and learn Stock Market

The biggest reason for it is the existing myth among the general public that trading in the stock market requires a hell of a lot of money, and trading is a game only the wealthy lot get to play.

This again comes down to the lack of awareness and mostly poor financial education among the majority of the populace. 

However, even when some intend to learn about the share market before trying their luck at trading, they are met by the prevalent misinformation about the stock market. 

The menace of false information on the internet in astounding proportions further adds to the worries of a rookie trader who is already bothered by the overwhelming prospect of the stock market. 

The uninformed trader can enrol in these stock market courses readily available on the internet, without realizing the course matter is full of incorrect information and outdated. 

Then there are courses offering reliable matter but charging exorbitant amounts of money. Thus, many wishful learners who want to learn stock market trading are scared by the prospect of making such an investment.

Consider yourself in safe hands, though. For we, today, decided to take up the matter in our own hands and share a couple of sure-shot methods anyone can use to learn the share market. Follow this article to learn more.

Learn Stock Market Trading

The Stock Market is synonymous with opportunities. The Stock Market offers ample opportunities to everyone who lands in the domain. The success stories are for everyone to see and are a source of inspiration for many. 

Learning the stock market, however, isn’t all that easy. There’s a reason behind you landing on this article. There are certain ways of doing so, we take a look at the most effective ways a learner can use to gain knowledge of thereafter conquer the stock market.

So here comes the major challenge, from where to learn the stock market.

Where Can I Learn Stock Market?

The information on the stock market is endless and you can easily avail of information about the stock market on different platforms like books, Youtube, mobile apps.

But wait!

Are all these resources reliable enough?

Of course, you need to check the kind of content they are delivering and the validation of the information. These days the online platform has made it easier to check the authenticity and credibility of the platform.

From the available resources here we are with the best one from where you can start understanding the stock market basics and eventually beginning your share investment journey. These basics of share market in Hindi or in English can set you up to take tougher challenges later in terms of learning the art of trading and investing.

Apps to Learn Stock Market 

Since their arrival, smartphones have taken over the place once occupied by computers and laptops.

This shouldn’t come around like something out of the blue that people around the globe approximately spend around 4 and a half hours on their smartphones, which is a whole lot of time.

The accessibility and portability are the reason for the above trend. So, this pretty much dictates that the learners would happily welcome a stock market app on their phones as well as their life. 

There are many apps to learn stock market that caters to the need to educate people about the stock market; however, Stock Pathshala stands out among its contemporaries.

The one of its kind stock market e-learning platform educates the audience by offering courses for stock trading

The platform is unrivalled in ensuring a user-friendly interface to its users hence scoring big on user experience.

Also, the users have all the options in the world at their disposal as Stock Pathshala offers textual courses, video courses, and audio podcasts, which ensures learning on the go is possible.

Staying true to the belief, language should never be a hindrance to learning.

The platform houses courses in English as well as in the Hindi language. Additionally, there are plans to introduce stock market courses in Marathi, Telugu, Tamil languages to further widen the reach of the platform. 

Users can access the platform and enrol in the free introductory textual courses to kickstart the stock market learning.

However, if the user would like to gain access to video and audio courses or gain a deeper understanding of the stock market by enrolling in the available advanced courses, then the user will have to become a Pro member of the platform.

Currently, Stock Pathshala offers three pro plans, by subscribing to which users gain access to the platform and its content. The 3 plans on offer – Beginner, Star, and Legend vary in duration of the validity period.

Learn Stock Market Books

Consider this the classic or the pre-smartphone era solution to the need for gaining knowledge about share markets. However, this method still stays relevant to the day.

Books pave the way to enlightenment; similarly, financial books (there are Stock Market Books in Hindi available too if you prefer the language) help a learner enhance their financial knowledge. 

Globally acclaimed books such as “Stock Investing For Dummies by Paul Mladjenovic”, and the hugely popular “How to Make Money in Stocks by William O’Neil” which has registered over 2 million sales, definitely score big on the promise of educating people the practical knowledge of making stock market investments.

These books make your stock market journey simple by guiding you in the process of how to invest in share market?

The language used in these books is simple and is expressly written with the motive of simplifying the technical jargon of the stock market for the readers. You can learn candlestick patterns, indicators and other technicalities of the market in a simple way. 

So, if you are a keen learner then here is the list of stock market books that can help you in understanding the basic and complex concept of share market investment.

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Other than you can pick the books as per your priority for example, if you are an investor then you can choose the fundamental analysis books.

Also, there are specific books for IPO investment, swing trading, intraday, etc.

Set up your goal and plan your beginning accordingly to earn maximum profit.

Learn Stock Market Online

Now when it comes to learning the stock market online, then there are different mediums like Youtube, Blogs, etc.

All you have to do is to figure out the best one that not only educates you about share investment in India but also helps you in understanding the movement and in making the decision yourself.

One prominent stock market blog that instantly comes to mind is adigitalblogger. Such remarkably consistent has been their body of work, that they’re the go-to blog for people encountering queries regarding the stock market. 

The blog is a leader in offering information about the stock market space and currently sees 6 lakh visitors on a monthly basis.

The blog is a reliable source of information and provides fresh and updated articles dedicated to stock market topics every week.

One can easily find articles on almost every topic that in one way or the other is related to the stock market.

Yet another way is to learn share market through Youtube. This method too falls in this category itself. 

Youtube is undoubtedly a great source of entertainment, but can also be a great source of education, financial education in our case.

The video streaming platform is full of channels that have taken on the huge task of imparting concepts, mechanisms, operations of the stock market to people.

With youtube there literally is no dearth of options, when it comes to channels that serve the purpose.

However, such a scenario gives rise to a hotchpotch situation. Therefore, people should turn to credible sources of information.

Here you can watch the stock market videos at the Stockpathshala Youtube channel to gain knowledge and understanding of the stock market in the simplest possible way.

Another way, trending these days is listening to podcasts. So, if you want to learn while travelling then you are also provided with the stock market podcasts where you can learn about different topics, trending news, and stockbrokers in the stock market.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Gaana, etc for FREE.


Of all the options that can help generate a regular source of income, the Stock Market is the most ignored one. The stock market often escapes the discussion among regular folks owing to the poor education regarding the topic.

Yet, everyone is aware of its huge potential. Traders who played it right have gained unprecedented success. However, the stock market is no less than a double-edged sword. 

The ease with which you earn profits also works in the opposite direction and can leave a trader losing money more than they can afford to.  

This calls for dealing with caution and learning about the stock market before venturing any deeper. Among the various methods to learn the stock market, we discussed the most prominent and most effective methods of achieving the same.

Among the traditional methods to develop know-how of the stock market is reading books and learning on the internet through blogs, and articles. 

However, learning the stock market through an app is gaining impetus, and e-learning platforms such as Stock Pathshala are among the front runners in the department. 

Learning Stock Market FAQs

Here are some of the top frequently asked questions about the stock market learning space in India:

1. Can you learn trading by yourself?

Yes. if you make efforts in the right direction. Learning the stock market is possible through the means discussed in the article above. You can learn through stock market e-learning applications, stock market books, or reading articles on reliable blogs.

2. How long does it take to learn the stock market?

This depends on the medium you choose to learn through. However, if you choose to learn through courses on the stock market learning app, Stock Pathshala, you can gain basic knowledge about the stock market within a month or two. 

However, if you wish to become a pro at trading, the learning process can take years.  

3. Is trading hard to learn?

A mix of both. Learning anything takes time, patience, and dedication. Trading is no different. Proper guidance and following a clear path can take you a long way in your endeavours.

Before investing capital, invest your time in learning Stock Market.
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