Can I Start Trading With 100 Rupees?

Are you one of the newcomers with very little capital and wondering, “Can I start trading with 100 rupees?”

Trading in the stock market, where companies like Reliance and Infosys are listed is it even possible to trade with the low amount of ₹100?

If you come to know that, it is possible then. Well! can imagine the level of your excitement.

But! But! But!

How! is the question here?

So, let’s get into the details and find a way to begin trading with 100 rupees in the Indian stock market.

How to Start Trading with 100 Rupees?

There is no doubt, that one must invest in value and growth stocks that can give them high returns in the long term.

Investing in such stocks requires more capital as well, but when it comes to trade, where the objective is to earn a profit, the value and growth of the company don’t come into the picture and hence one can trade in any stock that is trending, have high liquidity and moderate to high volatility.

Such stocks are available at the value of less than ₹100 as well.

But how to find the one?

For this, you must learn technical analysis of stocks and also you can refer to some of the best stock market books. This will help you find the right stock that is trading below ₹100 and bring you the opportunity to make a profit in short-term trades.

Okay, but what about Intraday?

Is it possible to do intraday trading with ₹100?

Let’s dive into more details!

Can I Start Intraday Trading with 100 Rupees?

Now, Intraday trading means that you are buying and selling your financial instruments within the same trading day. You can take benefit of the short-term price fluctuations and make profits.

So, technically yes you can trade in intraday stocks with 100 rupees.

But will you be able to make enough money or profit?

For this, let’s take an example!

Let’s suppose a stock ABC is trading at ₹30 per share. With ₹100 you bought 3 shares. Now the stock was trending and grew by 3% in value. This means you sold it at ₹39 per share making a profit of ₹9 per share and ₹27 in total.

It is not a good amount and further, for every trade you have to pay brokerage. Suppose your broker charged you ₹10 per trade.

This means total brokerage is ₹20 (buy + sell) and above this you pay STT, GST, Stamp Duty, Transaction Charges, etc.

Thus, even though you booked profit in trade, you were not able to earn anything. Hence, one can trade with a low capital of ₹100 but in order to make intraday trading profitable it is always important to trade in quantity which requires a little higher capital.

Make sure you have in-depth understanding and knowledge of intraday trading strategies before stepping into the trade journey.

Can I Start Option Trading with 100 Rupees?

Now, another format of trade is options, which involves the buying and selling of contracts in exchange for a premium amount which could be as high as ₹50,000 per lot to as low as ₹10 per lot for a particular underlying asset.

As a buyer, you need to pay a premium but as a seller, you need to maintain a good amount of margin money in your trading account. For example, to trade in 1 lot of Nifty, the seller has to keep at least a margin of ₹1,00,000.

So, if you want to buy options, then yes you can trade with the capital of ₹100 but cannot do option selling.

Also, trading in the strike price with a low premium has a risk of losing entire capital therefore it is important to consider learning to trade for this, you can enroll yourself in option trading classes or courses online.

Other than this, you can understand how to do option trading through different online and offline modes, like Youtube, podcasts, books on options trading, etc.


Now you have a brief idea about how to start trading with 100 rupees. Trading with such an amount is possible and it should be kept in mind that bigger risks bring better results.

But if you are government employee, you need to check and consider can government employees do trading?

This is because a government employed person is not eligible to do speculation like intraday or options however can make money by investing in mutual funds and long term investment in stocks.

To gain proficiency in trading learn technical analysis. This will help you to learn how to prepare yourself for trading and in becoming a profitable trader.

To know more about how the stock market works, enroll yourself in the online classes in Stock Pathshala app where you can be prepared to ace trading like nowhere else!

Before investing capital, invest your time in learning Stock Market.
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