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Trading in the stock market requires analyzing different chart patterns to determine profitable entry and exit positions, but how to read candlestick patterns? For this, it is important to have complete understanding and you can refer candlestick pattern book.

Here are 5 books right on that very topic for you:

5 Best Candlestick Pattern Books

Books are the ultimate resource for learning and the epitome of knowledge; they can be a solution to your every problem. Then why not stock market concepts? Choose the right books to read, and candlestick chart patterns will be at your fingertips.

Here is a list of the best candlestick pattern books.

1. How to Make Money Trading with Candlestick Charts

Here is the first candlestick pattern book, “How to Make Money Trading with Candlestick Charts” as the title suggests, focuses on the use of candlestick charts as a tool for trading in financial markets.

Here’s an overview of the book:

how to trade with candlestick patterns

  • Candlestick Patterns: The core of the book is dedicated to explaining various candlestick patterns. It covers both basic and advanced patterns, such as doji, engulfing patterns, hammer and hanging man, shooting stars, and more.

Each pattern is described in detail, with charts and real-world examples to illustrate its significance.

  • Trading Strategies: The author provides practical trading strategies based on candlestick patterns. These strategies are designed to help traders make informed decisions about when to buy, sell, or hold their positions.

The book explores how to combine candlestick patterns with other technical indicators to enhance trading decisions.

  • Risk Management: Managing risk is a crucial aspect of trading, and the book emphasizes the importance of using candlestick patterns to set stop-loss levels and manage risk effectively.

It offers insights into how to protect your capital while seeking profitable opportunities.

  • Psychology of Trading: Understanding the psychology of trading is essential for success, and the book delves into the emotional aspects of trading.

It discusses how candlestick patterns can help traders stay disciplined and avoid impulsive decisions.

  • Practical Examples: Throughout the book, you’ll find numerous real-world examples and case studies that demonstrate the application of candlestick chart analysis in different market conditions.

Balkrishna M. Sadekar’s book aims to provide traders, whether beginners or experienced, with a comprehensive guide to understanding and effectively using candlestick charts as a part of their trading toolkit.

However, it’s important to note that trading carries inherent risks, and no strategy is foolproof. Therefore, readers are encouraged to practise risk management and conduct research before making any trading decisions.

How to Make Money Trading With Candlestick Charts
Author Balkrishna M. Sadekar.
Year of publishing 2015
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2. Candlestick Charting for Dummies

“Candlestick Charting For Dummies” by Russell Rhoads is a no-nonsense guide to understanding and using candlestick charts for technical analysis in trading and investing. It’s perfect for beginners who want to learn candlestick patterns, as well as more experienced traders who want to brush up on their skills.

The book is a component of the well-known “For Dummies” series, which is renowned for simplifying difficult subjects.

Here’s an overview of the book’s main topics and themes:

  • Candlestick Patterns: Russell Rhoads introduces readers to various candlestick patterns, both bullish and bearish. These patterns are graphical representations of price movements and are used by traders and investors to predict future price movements. 
  • Single Candlestick Patterns: The book covers single candlestick patterns, such as doji, hammer, shooting star, and more. It explains the significance of each pattern and how it can be used to make trading decisions. 
  • Multiple Candlestick Patterns: Readers are introduced to more complex patterns that involve multiple candles, like the engulfing pattern, harami, and evening star. These patterns often carry stronger signals and are vital for traders to recognize. 
  • Real-World Examples: Throughout the book, the author provides real-world examples and case studies to illustrate how candlestick charting can be applied to actual trading scenarios. 
  • Practical Tips: The book offers practical tips and strategies for using candlestick charts effectively, including how to identify trend reversals, potential entry and exit points, and ways to combine candlestick patterns with other technical analysis tools.

Candlestick Charting for Dummies Candlestick Charting for Dummies
Author Russel Rhoads
Year of publishing 2008
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3. The Candlestick Course

“The Candlestick Course” is not a book by Steve Nison; rather, it is one of his prominent works that focuses on the art and science of Japanese candlestick charting.

Steve Nison is widely recognized as the individual who introduced Japanese candlestick charting to Western traders and investors. Here’s an overview of Steve Nison’s work and its significance:

“The Candlestick Course” is one of Steve Nison’s seminal works in the field of technical analysis, particularly in the realm of candlestick charting. 

In the book, Steve Nison explains the history and origins of candlestick charting, which dates back to 18th-century Japan, where it was used to analyse rice prices. Nison then takes readers through the various candlestick patterns, explaining their significance and how to interpret them in the context of trading and investing.

Key topics covered in the book include

  • Basic Candlestick Patterns: Nison explains the most fundamental candlestick patterns, such as the doji, hammer, shooting star, and three white soldiers candlestick pattern, among others. 
  • Advanced Candlestick Patterns: The book also goes into more complex and detailed candlestick patterns, offering insights into how to spot and understand them. 
  • Practical Applications: Nison provides real-world examples and case studies to demonstrate how candlestick charting can be applied in various market conditions. You can learn various strategies to trade candlestick patterns. 
  • Chart Analysis: Readers will learn how to integrate candlestick charting into their overall technical analysis toolkit.

Steve Nison’s contributions to the field of technical analysis, particularly in popularising candlestick charting, have been significant. His books and courses, including “The Candlestick Course,” have been instrumental in helping traders and investors make more informed decisions in financial markets.

It’s important to note that Steve Nison has written several books on candlestick charting, and “The Candlestick Course” is just one of them.

The content and examples in the book may have been updated to reflect changing market dynamics and technological advancements, depending on the edition and publication date. Traders and investors who have an interest in candlestick charting can benefit from studying Nison’s work, as it provides a deeper understanding of this analytical approach.

The Candlestick Course The Candlestick Course
Author Steve Nison
Year of publishing 2003
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4. The Ultimate Guide to Candlestick Chart Patterns

Author of one of the latest and most popular trading books, The Ultimate Guide to Candlestick Chart Patterns, Steve Burns started investing in 1993, and Atanas Matov began trading in the early 2000s. Steve and his spouse have written more than 19 books on trading.

the ultimate guide to candlestick patterns

Here’s an overview of the book

The book introduces you to candlestick chart patterns

  • There are more than 30 detailed candlestick patterns, and each is explained with a historical example for every chart.
  • You also get to learn where to exit and enter. It helps minimize the risk factor.
  • In addition to all of the above, the book has various candlestick chart pattern trading tips with real trading examples from Trend Spider.  

The Ultimate Guide to Candlestick Chart Patterns
Author Steve Burns and Atanas Matov
Year of publishing 2021
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5. Don’t Trade Before Learning These 14 Candlestick Patterns

This book is mainly for those who don’t want to learn every candlestick pattern and want to start with the best ones. P. Arul Pandi has been trading in the stock market for three decades. He has written down what he has learned from the trading experience.

Here’s an overview of the book:

The book has basic to advanced-level techniques in candlestick trading.

  • The main attraction of this book is the 14 candlestick patterns, which the author believes give more than 85% of trade opportunities.
  • P. Arul teaches how to make predictions and interpret signals like bullish, bearish, and reversal signals. 

If you often get confused about how to make buy and sell decisions, the author helps you with that as well. 

The Candlestick Course
Author Steve Burns and Atanas Matov
Year of publishing 2021
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Reading is one of the best ways of learning, and one can get candlestick chart patterns on their tips after reading and understanding the above-mentioned candlestick pattern books.

Apart from that, if you are not a regular reader and want to learn from other modes like video lectures and audio podcasts, you can subscribe to the Stock Pathshala YouTube channel or even enroll in our stock market courses, where we have a team of experienced tutors who make trading techniques look completely easy.

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