Indian Stock Market Movies

Sometimes, to gain a fresh perspective about an issue, all you need is a good movie. As an investor or trader, whether new or experienced, watching some Indian stock market movies is not a bad idea to know more about the market because you can never learn enough about the stock market.

Nevertheless, the problem lies in the information and the judgment of the good quality movies so that your valuable time is utilized properly. This is why, in this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best Indian stock market movies that you should watch not just to get more knowledge about the market but also to get entertained.

Stock Market Movies Bollywood

When it comes to the Indian movie-making industry, Bollywood is the most popular one with the largest audience reach since it caters to all Hindi-speaking audiences. It has served some quality stock market movies from time to time and we are going to look at the best one of them.

1.   The Big Bull

The Abhishek Bachchan starred film The Big Bull shows the life of the infamous stock market trader and scammer Harshad Mehta who is a supreme example of “ from rags to riches “ in real life. The movie was made after the web series named “ Scam 1992 “which got an unprecedented reception from the audience.

The Big Bull revolves around its main character named Hemant Shah who tries to manipulate the market by using its loopholes but fails eventually because of the girl named Meera Rao. Abhishek Bachchan plays the role of Hemant Shah while Meera Rao is played by Ileana D’Cruz.

The movie didn’t get the success it had intended, mostly because it was made after the audience had already watched Scam 1992 but if you want to spend your 2 hours and 34 minutes learn stock market investment tricks along with getting entertained, you can give this movie a shot.

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2.   Bazaar

Another Indian stock market movie that is highly recommended for you to watch is Bazaar. It features a star cast of Saif Ali Khan and Radhika Apte who are known for their brilliant acting skills, especially the latter. This Gauravv K Chawla-directed movie has got an IMDb rating of 6.5.

The plot of this movie shows a young and ambitious individual named Rizwan Ahmed and the successful diamond merchant named Shakun Kothari. Rizwan becomes a successful trader from nowhere and starts living a lavish life until he gets conned by Shakun. Saif has played the role of Shakun Kothari while Rizwan has been played by Rohan Mehra.

Radhika Apte has also got a very significant role in this movie.

This movie shows how you can fall into the trap of someone who pretends to be nice initially. Bazaar is an eye-opener, especially for rookie traders. Along with thrill and suspense, you can watch Bazaar for making your brain more competent to deal with the deception tricks used by the scammers in the stock market.

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3.   Gafla

Harshad Mehta got one more movie made on him but this one came way back in 2006 when people didn’t know him as much as they do today. The film features the cast of Vinod Sharawat, Shruti Ulfat and Purva Parag and has got the appreciation of the audience with a 7.4 IMDb rating.

Vinod Sharawat AKA Subodh wants to become a successful trader. He is ambitious but he gets very limited opportunities. What follows is a captivating storyline that shows his journey of becoming successful but then falling prey to a web of crimes eventually.

The movie has got a mixed reception as the critics haven’t rated it that high but the audience has apparently loved it. This Sameer Hanchate directed Bollywood stock market movie earned ₹ 16 lakh at the box office and received an award at the Cyprus International Film festival.

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4.   Corporate

Corporate shows the ruthless power game between two power-hungry parties who want to get the ownership of an IPO and in order to get that, both of them play a game of chess using Nishi (the character played by Bipasha Basu) as a pawn. The movie has a strong casting of Bipasha Basu, Kay Kay Menon, and Raj Babbar and it was a Box office success as well.

This Madhur Bhandarkar-directed Indian stock market movie was released in the year of 2006 that earned a total of ₹ 15 crores at the box office. It also received several accolades such as GIFA Award, Bollywood award and ABP award.

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Indian Stock Market Movies in Gujarati

Apart from Bollywood, there have been a few significant Indian stock market movies made in the regional languages as well. One such movie on the stock market has been made in the Gujarati language with the name Hutututu aavi ramat ni rutu.

1.   Hutututu Aavi Ramat Ni Rutu

In India, if you want to associate stock market trading with people of particular regions then, the people of Gujarat will be on top of your list. Yet, it is mind-boggling that there haven’t been too many Indian stock market movies made in the Gujarati language.

However six years back, director Shital Shah came up with a Gujarati movie named Hutututu aavi ramat ni rutu which was definitely a hit among the audience.

The story involves two rich and powerful brothers who are considered kings of the commodity market. Over a game of chess, they decide to swap their company’s MD with a roadside thief and make him their new managing director overnight.

The story takes a few twists and turns and keeps the audience engaged for the entire movie length of 2 hours and 19 minutes. Actors like Abhay Chandrana, Ankit Joshipura, Raunaq Kamdar and Parth Oza have done a tremendous job and they have been equally supported by the rest of the cast.

This movie has got an IMDb rating of 7.3.

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Indian Stock Market Movies in Marathi

This list can not be completed without talking about an Indian stock market movie in Marathi since both the major stock market exchanges are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra only. The one popular Marathi movie made on the stock market is “ Investment “.

  1. Investment

This Marathi movie was received well by the audience which is evident from the 8.7 IMDb rating it has got. The Film features an ambitious couple named Aashish and Prachi, played by Tushar Dalvi and Supriya Vinod respectively. It later shows how in the search for power and status, people, especially the younger generation continue to lose moral value.

The connection with the stock market is built in the context that Aashish leaves his job to join an American trading firm to become a successful trader.

This movie makes it easier for the keen investor to understand how to invest in share market.

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Your eyes can’t reach everywhere, so they made a cinema.

Movies act like an extension of your eyes and help you know and get informed about several important topics that exist in your society. When it comes to the stock market, learning and keeping yourself updated with every piece of information is a constant process.

And what better way of gathering information than watching an Indian stock market movie. They have a touch of authenticity, lots of drama, lots of fun, lots of thrill, and some vital stock market information. Some of these movies help you learn how to become a better trader while the others make you more aware to protect yourself from getting scammed.

Some also teach you not to be greedy or arrogant with power. All you have got to do is to invest a couple of hours and after that, a fresh perspective and lots of important information await you.

Before investing capital, invest your time in learning Stock Market.
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