Learn Option Strategies

learn option strategies

Option trading strategies help traders mitigate their risk and maximize their profit. But it is important to understand which one to use in different market conditions. So, before you execute the trade first learn option strategies in detail. 

How to Learn Option Strategies?

How to learn a skill or a course completely depends on the choice of content format that you find accessible and easy to understand. The internet provides us with a lot of options trading strategy data for free, and paid courses for advanced strategies as well.

Which one are you willing to choose first?

If you are a beginner, we would recommend that you start with free resources and then jump to the paid study material. But if you are a studious human being, then all the best for all kinds of learning.

A willing learner can learn from anywhere, but they can do even better with good resources. 

Now there are multiple available resources on the internet and some of them are FREE! There is nothing wrong in that but it is important to choose the right platform. 

Option Trading Strategies Blog

Blogs are short content that helps you in understanding the concepts, and basics of option trading strategies. 

There are some websites with detailed concepts of different trading styles that provide every single detail in the form of images and real-life examples. All this ultimately helps a trader in making trading decisions. 

One such website with useful and detailed content on Option Strategies is Stock Pathshala. The website blog covers major option trading strategies believed to be profitable by experienced traders.

Learn Options Strategies on YouTube

YouTube is an amazing video platform where different types of content creators post their work. Some to entertain and some to educate. You will find many option-trading educators on YouTube as well.

Don’t forget, the stock market is risky, so it is important to choose your tutor wisely. Stock Pathshala provides the latest updates and easy concept briefings on option trading concepts through their YouTube Channel. You can subscribe to the channel today.

Option strategies Podcast

Just like music, audio podcasts are becoming the next favourite of the new generation. Do you listen to them?

Turn on the chapter and learn option strategies by listening to experts. 

Stock Pathshala audio podcasts have lessons on technical indicators, risk management, price action, and whatnot. Whether it is the Spotify or Gaana app, you can follow the channel and listen to multiple chapters.

Option Trading Strategies Book

Apart from the free options there are some paid and better options to learn strategies in option trading. 

One such option is books. Books are the best resources for learning. If you are a good reader, then the most beneficial thing for you to do is read books on Option trading strategies.

Given are five top option trading strategies books that you can start from. 

Option Strategies Books
Title Author
The Options Playbook Brian Overby
Option Trading Strategies Bhushan Jadhav
The Bible of Options Strategies Guy Cohen
Option Trading Crash Course Tony Correra
How to make money trading options Bal Krishna M Sadekar
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There is a concern with books, that they have loads of text for those who are not fond of reading, but we have got them covered too.

App for Learning Option Trading Strategies for Beginners

Grab your iPad, tablet, or smartphone and begin learning option strategies online. If reading is kind of boring to you, or your attention span is a little shorter, No worries. You can learn through other forms of media.

Options trading can be learned from a mobile application as well. Stock Pathshala has a user-friendly mobile app to make education easier and more convenient for traders.

Some of the best features of this application are:

  • It has an easy-to-learn, language-friendly education.
  • Video, audio, or text—you can learn anyway. 
  • The app gives you levels from beginner to expert.
  • Bilingual people can learn in their native language as well. (In addition to English, the courses are available in Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu and Tamil.)
  • The app helps you do self-assessments with quizzes. 
  • Text, audio, and video courses that are free. 
  • Pro membership that is affordable for learning complex concepts. 
  • Live classes every day for Pro Members. 
  • Offers on opening a demat account, brokerage discounts, and much more.

There are many more exciting features that you will learn about after installing the app.


In conclusion, learners can learn option trading strategies from the internet, a mobile application, or an option trading course. 

We at Stock Pathshala have a team of experienced tutors. You can enroll in any of the courses, from long-term investment to learning derivatives. To get to know us better, you can visit us on YouTube and Spotify as well.  

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