How to Trade Without Money?

Trading in the stock market involves risk and to avoid losing money, many people wonder how to trade without money.

Many of you might find it astonishing, but yes it is possible to trade without money. Wondering how? Well, this blog gives you all the answers to your doubts and questions.

How to Trade Without Money Online?

Even if an individual has huge capital at his/her disposal, success in financial markets is never guaranteed and therefore it is important to learn and practice trade before using your actual capital in the market. 

Now, this practice can be done online using different ways and platforms where you don’t need to spend a penny from your pocket. Given below are some of the ways of how to start trading with no money.

1. Paper Trading

Paper trading is where you can trade in the actual market but without money. Wondering how it works?

To do paper trading, you have to open a demo account or simply sign up using simple steps. Once done, you are provided with virtual money that you can use to trade in the real market.

Ofcourse! you want to be able to earn money with paper trading, but it helps you in learning how the stock market works, and in backtesting your strategies and setups.

Advantages of Paper Trading

Here are some of the advantages of trading using demo accounts:

  • You can practice and learn trading strategies without losing any actual money. 
  • You can take your time to become familiar with the broker’s trading platform and its features. 
  • You can test different trading strategies with the demo account and refine your approach.  

Disadvantages of Paper Trading

Every coin has two sides and so does the paper trading

  • You won’t experience any real profit or loss since you are not using any real money.
  •  It does not help you in building your psychology. 

2. Social Trading 

Some platforms enable you to connect with other traders. You can see their trades and copy them. To start, you need to choose a social trading platform. Select the traders to follow, explore the profiles of different traders, and select those whose profiles align with your goals and risk tolerance.   

You can set risk parameters and keep an eye on the performances of the traders you are following. You can start to trade without money with social trading. It is an effective way to Learn Stock Market

Advantages of Social Trading

Some of the advantages associated with social trading are:

  • You can take advantage of the experience and strategies of traders who have years of experience. 
  • You can take part in forex trading without having extensive market knowledge.
  • Less risky than individual trading. 

Disadvantages of Social Trading

  • No guarantee of generating profit. 
  • In exchange for their services, some social trading platforms can charge platform fees or require a percentage of your profits. 


As a beginner and learner, one can start trading with 100 Rupees, or no money?  But the objective of starting with low or zero money must not be to make money from intraday trading or other format of trading but to learn the concepts and to gain deeper understanding of the stock market.  

Trading is a lifelong learning process and it is completely normal to experience failures along the way. 

When you have full confidence in your strategy, you should enter the market with full charge after sharpening your skills with demo accounts. You can also enroll in our Stock Market Classes to get a deeper understanding of the stock market. 

Before investing capital, invest your time in learning Stock Market.
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