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online trading coures

Among all the traders trading in the stock market, only 10%  are able to make a profit. Have you ever thought of why? Well, there are many reasons and one of the biggest ones is a lack of knowledge of stock trading. Earlier there were limited resources to learn the stock market but now to make it easier and more approachable there are many online trading courses. 

These courses give you a better understanding of the Indian stock market and help you to learn stock market in a simple way.

Online Trading Course in India

Online trading courses focus on educating and preparing people about stocks, forex, futures, and options as well as investing techniques tailored to the trading preferences of a trader. 

With the right knowledge, strong foundation, and understanding of the market, more and more retail traders and investors are able to make money.

Now in India trading is still not observed as a fruitful career by many, but at the same time, everyone gets attracted to the money flow in the world of trading.

Here it is important to understand, that like any other professional career, learning stock market basics and advanced concepts is equally important. The stock exchange of India, NSE already offers different programs for educating youngsters and investors to educate them. 

Learning the stock market not only helps in polishing skills but also reduces the losses that can occur due to frauds and scams in the market. 

To make it clear, let’s have a look at the benefits of online trading:

  • Provides you with a better understanding of the stock market.
  • Attain your financial objectives
  • Create genuine riches
  • Create sound trading plans
  • Decrease investment risk to prevent losses
  • Build the trading discipline that is necessary for risk management.

Online Trading Courses for Beginners 

For those just starting, it is important to first learn about the basics of the stock market. For this they can consider taking the courses that cover the following topics:

  • How to invest in the stock market?
  • What are the different online trading types?
  • What are the different types of trading segments?
  • What is IPO?
  • How to evaluate an IPO 
  • What are charts and how to read stock market charts?

Understanding the above topics and following the right and defined online trading tips help in increasing the chance of earning profit in the share market. 

Online Intraday Trading Course

Now most traders want to do intraday trading, but when it comes to making a profit they usually fail and quits trading.

Don’t let such things happen to you and join the right intraday trading course online where you can learn different concepts of trading and how to do intraday trading online like a pro.

Important intraday trading topics covered in the course:

  • Introduction to intraday trading
  • Tips for choosing stocks for intraday trading
  • How to identify resistance and support
  • Pivot point calculator
  • How to manage risks in intraday trading?
  • Fundamentals of intraday trading.

Online Option Trading Courses

Options trading is another trading segment that creates potential opportunities for every trader to make a profit. But it involves a lot of risks. 

Also, options trading works a little differently from how equity trading is done. This makes it more complex for beginners to understand the concept behind options. 

In our options trading course, you would be able to gain an understanding of:

  • What are options
  • How options trading work?
  • What is an option chain?
  • Different components of option chain?
  • How to choose the strike price?
  • What is moneyness in options?
  • What are the options Greeks?
  • Different option trading strategies.

All these topics are covered in separate modules and are provided in different formats like textual, audio, and video courses. 

Further, there are online option trading classes where you get to learn to trade in real-time and increase the chance to make a profit in option trading.

Online Futures Trading Courses

Along with options, futures are also the derivatives trading type where you can trade in the stock or index and settle it in the future at the mentioned price. 

Here again, there are different aspects and parameters that one must consider before placing a trade in futures and this is what we tried to explain in the future trading course in the simplest way.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • What is futures trading
  • How it is different from options trading 
  • What is the margin in futures
  • How to analyze future market
  • Future trading strategies

Technical Analysis Course

Technical analysis is important for short-term trades. It helps a trader to know about market trends, volatility, and momentum. 

In all the technical analysis gives you a better way to look at the market sentiments and helps you in making the right trading decision. 

Under the technical analysis course the topics covered are:

  • Building blocks of technical analysis
  • Charts and Indicators
  • How to do technical analysis of stocks
  • Different types of chart patterns
  • Determining the right entry and exit points

Learn technical analysis if you want to do short-term trades in the share market. 

Price Action Trading Courses

Price action trading is where you can make a profit by each and every move of the market. Here the understanding goes beyond the trend and other parameters. 

What’s more important is to look for the point where you can make an entry to make maximum profit. For example, looking for potential pullbacks to open a trade position. 

In this course you will learn:

  • What is price action?
  • Different factors to consider for price action trading in the stock market.
  • What are pullbacks?
  • How to determine reversals in the stock market
  • How to use pullback?
  • Price action strategies

Online Commodity Trading Courses

Commodity trading can be done in some agri and non-agri commodities in India. Here some of the famous commodities traded by Indian traders are crude oil, natural gas, cotton, etc.

There are different ways and parameters to analyze commodities and therefore it is important to understand their technicalities before trading. Further, commodities are traded in the derivatives market. So, here the topics discussed above help you in gaining an understanding of how commodity trading works.

Apart from this, here are different topics covered under the course:

  • What is commodity trading?
  • How to do analysis for commodity
  • Commodity trading strategies
  • Crude oil trading basics
  • Crude oil trading strategies
  • How to determine to stop loss for commodity trade.

Where to Learn Online Trading?

Online trading courses can be easily accessed for Free on different online platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc. But when it comes to gaining knowledge, do you think that these free online platforms can help you in achieving your goals?

Ofcourse not!

No doubt you can gain a little knowledge but at the same time, these courses are recorded years ago and do not provide you teaching as per the latest market trends and movements.

So, it is always recommended to choose the upgraded and best course that not only clears the basics of the market but also, makes it easier for you to understand the complexities of the market.

Further, there are online trading courses app like Stock Pathshala that provide a real-time market demonstration that also adds to your knowledge and make it easier for you to make a profitable trade.

All the courses and topics discussed above are available in the app. Learn more about the stock market courses and begin learning.

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