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It is said that ‘practice makes a man perfect.’ Still, we believe in learning before practicing, which is why completing a technical analysis course before practicing it with zero knowledge is our first suggestion.

Many of you might be confused about the best technical analysis course you should choose. Don’t worry, we got your back, Jack! But before you know about the courses, you must understand what technical analysis is.

Technical Analysis was originated in the late 1800s by a theory formulated by Mr. Charles Dow. This theory is known as Dow Theory.

Over the years, numerous noteworthy people have contributed to form the basis and take the approach forward.

Some of these contributors are Robert Rhea, John Magee, William P. Hamilton, and Edson Gould. As we know it today, technical analysis is a continuous evolution of patterns and signals over the century.

Coming to its definition, technical analysis is a means to evaluate financial securities. This evaluation is conducted to make investment decisions and identify trading opportunities.

The path to reach this destination is by scrutinizing statistical trends and historical data.

The trends of price movements and trading volumes of a particular financial security is collected and then analyzed. The analysis is based on the changes in price, implied volatility, and volume of financial security.

The technical analysis tools also evaluate the effects on the market of the demand and supply of that security. Further, tools such as charting tools help generate short-term trading signals that improve the evaluation of the strength or weakness of the security.

Technical analysis tools are generally categorized to evaluate only stocks, but they can be applied to any financial instrument such as futures, stocks, fixed income, commodities, currencies, and much more!

In stark contrast to popular belief, technical analysis is far more famous and prevalent among the traders of commodity and forex markets as their focus is on short-term market movements.

Although we tried to explain the definition of the topic, we don’t intend to cover the technicalities of the technical analysis course here. So, let’s jump to the discussion of the technical analysis course in India.

Technical Analysis Course Online

Traders and investors spend a massive chunk of money to master the tools under the umbrella of Technical Analysis. Imagine finding the best technical analysis course compiled by experts and at minimal expense.

Sounds fantastic, right?

So, we should get to the source of these courses without any more delay and then discuss the courses in detail.

A source to learn stock market in the most economical way is Stock Pathshala, a stock market education mobile application with many distinguishing features. Click here to download the App from the google play store.

A sneak peek into its features is listed below:

  • The user can access the application in English and Hindi.
  • Courses are developed in multiple formats – Audio, Text, and Video.
  • The language used is very simple and easy to understand. 
  • A quick quiz follows every chapter in each course.
  • The content can be accessed in two versions – Free and Paid.
  • The application is an attempt to simplify Stock Market education.
  • Stock Pathshala app provides courses on several aspects of the stock market, from basics to other financial securities and trading types. You will also find fundamental analysis, indicators, oscillators, and technical analysis course in the application.
  • These stock market courses are available in multiple languages – Hindi, Gujarati, English, Tamil, and Telugu. Many more languages are to be added soon.
  • The application also has an exceptional feature called – ‘Shorts’. This feature explains the share market concepts in less than a minute.
  • The application provides reviews and insight into various stockbrokers, PMS companies, upcoming IPOs, and similar information regarding the stock market.
  • Lastly, the applications extend various offers regarding brokerage, demat account opening, AMC, etc.!

Let’s talk about the technical analysis course provided by this mobile application with all these characteristics listed.

Building Blocks of Technical Analysis (English)

Laying a strong foundation for any concept is necessary to enhance clarity and practical implementation. This technical analysis course, as the name suggests, talks about the basics. This course is for beginners in the field.

It briefs you about the building blocks like Gaps, types of charts, support, resistance, technical indicators, etc. The content is available in textual format.

Technical Analysis using Chart Patterns (English)

Analyzing chart patterns is one of the significant aspects of learning technical analysis. A master of this art can certainly trade like a pro in the market. This technical analysis course is available in textual form.

The course talks about technical analysis philosophies, breakouts, momentum, volatility, double top, double bottom, etc. These aspects are essential to understand as analyzing the market is not just theoretical.

Also, it covers some of the best indicators that can be used for technical analysis. Also, the courses cover some of the specifics like best indicators with RSI or other indicators that can be used to generate confirmed trade signals.

Basics of Technical Analysis (Hindi)

The name of the course makes it clear what it is based on. It helps you lay the basis for technical analysis and makes the learner understand basic concepts in the most approachable and easy way.

This technical analysis course is available in the Hindi language in the textual form. The course talks about various topics like gaps, charts, technical indicators, candlestick pattern, candlestick analysis, etc.

Role of Technical Analysis (Gujarati)

This technical analysis course is written in Gujarati and presented in textual format. The course is dedicated to the role of this type of analysis in the stock market. It also covers other aspects of technical analysis like its tools.

This course briefly discusses the basics and moves on to talk about the role.

Introduction to Indicators & Oscillators (English, Hindi, Tamil)

The name of this technical analysis course makes it very clear what it is about. The course is available in text form and is multilingual – Tamil, English, and Hindi. The course is for beginners and is easy to understand.

It talks about the basics, moving average, MACD, MFI, RSI, etc. These aspects are necessary to learn in theory before you start practicing them in the real market.

Stock Market Indicators & Oscillators (English)

This technical course is the only audio course on this topic and is available in the English language. It is written in very easy to understand. The course covers Histogram, Average Directional Index, Stochastics, and much more.

The course is like podcasts and with small quizzes followed by every chapter. The indicators and oscillators are among the long list of technical analysis tools available to the trader or investor.

All these courses are detailed but written in very simple language. Although they stand behind the premium membership wall, you can look for the content quality in other courses and take a call accordingly.

Now that we have discussed these courses, we must also make a checklist to finalize the course you would pay for. The list is as follows:

  • Accessibility to the Course Material
  • Is it in Line with your Requirements?
  • Language of the Course
  • Points Covered
  • Duration of the Course
  • The Medium of Content (Video, Audio, Text, etc.)
  • Content Quality


The market is overflowed with options but what makes Stock Pathshala stand out from its competitors is the value for money aspect.

Many applications have only a paid version, making it difficult for the user to take a call on certain aspects listed above.

Stock Pathshala is a Stock Market Education Mobile platform that enables easy learning of various aspects of the stock market. It helps the learners by providing the content in varying formats.

The most attractive feature in favor of this application is a simple language, and it is multilingual.

Even though the technical analysis courses are accessible only in the premium version, the premium version is comparatively inexpensive.

Moreover, we guarantee you value for money!

Happy learning!

Before investing capital, invest your time in learning Stock Market.
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