Share Market Movies

Share Market Movies

A movie is not just made to entertain people but also to educate, influence, and throw light on important topics. Popular director David Fincher once said, “In film, we sculpt time, we sculpt behavior and we sculpt light.” When it comes to Share market movies, they throw light on the behavior of both successful and unsuccessful traders.

Movies can be a really fun way to learn something. Some of the best share market-based movies can teach you a lot about investing and trading in the share market but finding those movies can become a hectic task.

In this article, we will look at top share market movies you must watch, especially if you are a beginner.

Share Market Movies Hollywood

Some of the Hollywood share market movies can be an eye-opener along with being really fun. These movies involve some popular star casts and a very compelling storyline.

1. The Wolf of Wall Street, 2013

This Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie starred film shows everything right from the struggles of Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo) who begins his career with an entry-level job but later becomes the most successful stockbroker in the USA.

However, he also goes to jail for all the illegal activities he gets indulged in after getting money and fame.

This is one of the best share market movies and it has been made on the biopic of Jordan Belfort.

The movie exposes the loopholes in the financial system and how one can use them to become super-rich. However, it also portrays how too much greed and getting too much ahead of yourself as a trader can lead to your downfall.

This Martin Scorsese-directed movie earned a whopping $275.1 million on the box office and became a blockbuster. You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime.  

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2. Trading Places, 1983

As the name suggests, ‘Trading Places’ is one of the best English movies on the share market. In the Shrek movie famed actor Eddie Murphy has played the lead role with Dan Aykroyd.

This stock market-based movie basically has the fusion of the stories of a wealthy commodity broker and an ordinary struggler and the ups and downs they face in their lives when they decide to swap their living circumstances.

You can estimate the magnitude of success of this movie from the fact that it collected a worldwide total of 120 million dollars back in 1983 only.

With an IMDb rating of 7.5, this is a classic Hollywood share market movie that you shouldn’t miss. This movie can be watched on Amazon prime depending on your geographical location.

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3.  Margin Call, 2011

Any list of the top share market movies is incomplete without featuring Margin call in it.

Written and directed by JC Chandor, this movie reveals the operational procedure of a big corporate firm and focuses on a group of employees just before the infamous 2008 Market crash.

This dramatic stock market movie shows the actions of the same group during the initial stage of the crash and you can watch this movie on Amazon Prime and YouTube. The movie has actors like Kevin Spacey and Paul Bettany with an IMDb rating of 7.1.

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4.  Wall Street, 1987

Directed by Oliver Stone, Wall Street is a classic highly-rated critically acclaimed movie with an IMDb rating of 7.3. The plot of this share market movie revolves around two characters – Bud Fox and Gordon Gekko.

Bud is an ambitious but struggling stockbroker who keeps trying to land a job with legendary wall street stockbroker Gordon Gekko, who is also his hero.

He finally lands the job after more than 59 interviews but the movie ends with fighting and confronting scenes between them. To know the turn of events in between the movie, you can watch this movie on Disney + Hotstar.

The movie also got its sequel in 2010 with the name “Wall Street: Money never sleeps”.

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Indian Stock Market Movies

When it comes to the Indian stock market movies, the standard is not as high as Hollywood but India has its own share of some high-quality and highly rated share market movies. These movies have been made in different languages and in different movie industries.

Share Market movies Bollywood

Not just Hollywood but even Bollywood has come up with a few movies on the share market and some of them are absolute must-watch.

Let’s take a look at some of the highly-rated share market-related Bollywood movies.

1.    Bazaar, 2018

Bazaar is a financial thriller drama that has been directed by Gauravv K Chawla and stars some prominent actors like Saif Ali Khan and Radhika Apte.

This movie throws light on the story of an ambitious stock trader Rizwan Ahmed who eventually gets conned by diamond merchant Shakun Kothari, a character that has been played by Saif Ali Khan.

This movie has an IMDb rating of 6.5 and a box office collection of ₹ 34.92 crores. You can watch this movie on Jio Cinema, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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2.    Gafla, 2006

Gafla is a Bollywood share market movie made in 2006 and it is inspired by the famous stock market trader and scammer Harshad Mehta who recently got a very popular web series made on him too.

The movie shows the journey of Subodh, an ordinary middle-class person who gets caught in a web of crimes in order to become a successful and rich trader.

Even though Gafla didn’t receive too much appreciation from the critics, the audience loved the movie and that can be seen from the 7.4 IMDb rating that it has got.

You can rent this movie on Google Play Movie or Apple TV.

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3.    The Big Bull, 2021

After Gafla, this is the second film that has been made on the life of the famous stock market trader Harshad Mehta making us wonder how interesting his life must have been. Not to forget, there has also been a web series made on his life.

This share market Hindi movie features some prominent stars like Abhishek Bachchan, Ileana D’Cruz and Ram Kapoor and has been produced by Ajay Devgn. It can be watched on Disney + Hotstar with a subscription plan.

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Share Market Movies Gujarati

Apart from Bollywood, other Indian movie industries have also shown their love for the share market by making good movies about it.

1.    Hutututu Aavi Ramat Ni Rutu, 2016

This Gujarati movie is the first of its kind even though the love for Gujarati people for the share market is not a hidden secret. This Shital Shah-directed movie shows a family drama with commodity market business in the backdrop.

This movie has got an IMDb rating of 7.3 and it features the actors like Bhakti Kubavat, Raunaq Kamdar and Shaina Shah in the lead roles. You can watch this movie on JioCinema.

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Share Market movies Marathi

1.   Investment, 2013

As the name suggests, this Marathi movie is based on market investments. Even though the story revolves more around crime, politics, and the gap in the standard of living in Indian societies, you can watch this movie to learn one or two investment tricks.The movie has been directed by Ratnakar Matkari and it features actors like Tushar Dalvi, Supriya Vinod, and Sulbha Deshpande.

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Share Market Movies on Netflix

Nowadays, with the rise in OTT platforms, consuming good content has become convenient. You don’t have to dress and go to a movie theatre. You can simply watch some quality movies on these OTT platforms like Netflix.

When it comes to the share market movies, Netflix does have a good connection and in this article, we will discuss a couple of good share market movies that you can watch on Netflix.

1.    The Big Short, 2015

With an incredible star cast, this movie shows the psychology and the opportune nature of some of the wall street professionals that ultimately lead to the market crash in 2007-08. The movie follows three concurrent stories of traders being greedy which triggers the downfall of the system.

Michael Burry, who is played by Christian Bale, bets against mortgage-backed securities for his profit. Jared Vennett, played by Ryan Gosling discovers this bet and joins Michael in this venture. Things then take a lot of twists and turns and ultimately trigger the infamous collapse.

This real-life-based movie collected $133.4 million at the box office and received several accolades and awards including two oscar awards and three Oscar nominations. Apart from Netflix, You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime and rent it on YouTube.

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“When I looked at life through the camera, I felt like I could finally see it, ” Katherine Howe, Novelist, United States of America.

A movie is not just a medium for getting entertained but also to learn and get a fresh perspective about something. If you take these share market movies, for example, they help you know how a person can begin from literally nothing but end up being a genius trader and a billionaire by investing in the share market.

At the same time, these movies also tell you how greed, manipulation, and not knowing when to stop can lead to an epic downfall of the same person who once achieved such great heights.

Apart from that, these movies make you aware of the corporate politics and scams that you may not get to know otherwise from such a distance. Therefore, if you want to get a fresh perspective or more knowledge about the share market, you can watch some of these best share market movies.

We promise you, they are also going to be equally entertaining. 

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