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It is said that learning is the key to mastering something. This saying is indeed true as learning about a complex but highly profitable financial segment is best done via Derivatives courses in India.

Amidst the exploding options of courses online, Stock Pathshala brings you the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses to help you become the master of the Derivatives market.

But, before you learn the minutiae with the help of our courses, you undoubtedly wish to understand derivatives in brief. So, let’s go!

Derivatives trading is based on the premise of trading a financial instrument at a price expected in the future, short or long term. It is an agreement that includes a range of information that is necessary for the deal.

This agreement is traded at a future date or price depending on the agreement’s terms and conditions. This trade is also dependent on the type of derivative chosen.

This trading style is apt for both long and short-term investors and traders.

We know this simplified definition did not clear the air of doubt in your head. The derivatives courses is presented by Stock Pathshala are sure to build a strong foundation of concepts.

Over the internet, you might find an ocean of courses that are either highly expensive or provide incorrect information. These loose ends are caught and tied together in the courses provided to you.

We offer you multiple courses on derivatives in India. These courses use easy-to-understand language and are loaded with examples to help grasp the concepts. Now, let’s talk about the courses offered on the Stock Pathshala App.

Derivatives Courses Online

The derivatives courses in India are in high demand due to a psychological barrier – they are difficult. This barrier can not be denied in its entirety, but nothing is impossible if you are determined.

There is no refusing that derivatives are an exciting concept. To ice this cake, derivatives are super rewarding. Now to access the reward, you have to work in line with its requirements.

The only prerequisite is an in-depth understanding of derivatives. Apart from courses, if you are someone who is a voracious reader then there are some best books on derivatives trading that you can refer.

Stock Pathshala offers derivatives courses to clear the basic concepts and develop an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Derivatives draw their value from underlying assets or a collection of assets in the form of a contract. These assets can belong to any financial segment – currency, commodity, equity, etc.

In simpler words, derivatives are a settlement between a buyer and seller of a particular commodity, currency, equity, etc.

Here, the seller promises to deliver the said goods at a pre-decided price on the expiration or termination date of the agreement.

Two types of derivatives – Futures & Options dominate the conversations concerning derivatives but have two not-so-famous siblings. These two are – Swaps and Forwards. When we talk about options, it can further be classified as call option and put option

In case you choose to become a swing trader, it is advised to read the books about swing trading so that you become a pro in your investment field.

Derivatives Courses Online Free

Irrespective of their popularity, Stock Pathshala offers you to learn derivatives. A free of cost derivatives courses in India on our app is titled – Introduction to Derivatives.

This course discusses the definition of derivatives in an accessible form and imparts knowledge about the types and categories of this financial segment. The course is armed with multiple examples to set the picture clear.

The course is not just about technicalities but also talks about the advantages, disadvantages, margin facility, and payoff facility.

It defines the four types of derivatives with examples and makes an attempt to simplify the complex aspects.

The audio version of the course is accessible under the premium version of the Stock Pathshala application. This course is a beginner in the series of derivatives courses.

There are multiple courses dedicated to this financial segment in our app.

The rest derivatives courses can be accessed by becoming a premium member of the app. Since futures and options are more popular among investors and traders, let’s move to discuss the dedicated courses about these two.

The derivatives courses are written with these two types are available in multiple formats – text, audio, and video. These courses are the advanced version of the previously mentioned course.

The major points covered in these courses are: 

  • Concept of futures and options
  • Various types of both derivatives
  • Pricing of either type
  • Future strategies
  • Margins
  • How call option works
  • How to trade put options

All these topics are well explained with the help of real-life examples.

The course is also armored with several market indicators like market breadth, McClellan oscillator, new highs-new lows, moving strategies, advance-decline issues, and market sentiment.

These strategies are very helpful for a beginner as otherwise, it might take a lot of experience to bring these plans into action.

Best Derivatives Courses Online Free

The list of English courses on derivatives in India offered in the premium version of our app is as follows:

  • Gateway to Futures & Options

This lesson is seven chapters long and aims to cover the advanced aspects of futures and options. It assists you with definitions, advantages, disadvantages, types, and multiple investment strategies necessary to become a master in the field.

  • How to Get into Derivatives Trading?

Theis derivatives courses in India assist you in understanding the concepts by deploying the best form of learning, i.e., video. The complete course comprises seven videos that talk about Margins trading, trading strategies, and pricing of the derivatives.

  • Getting into Futures & Options

Learning to trade in futures and options is a tedious task, but once you start taking an interest in the field, there’s no turning back.

For all those of you who love to learn while driving or completing other chores, this course is offered in audio format.

The course feels like a podcast about the necessary details and tips for the two types of derivatives. The interactive quiz complements your learning journey in an attractive way.

  • Derivatives Trading in India

This audio course in talking about derivative trading touches upon various aspects that are key to start trading in this financial segment.

It addresses your queries regarding the various types of derivatives, the concept of margins and payoffs, physical and cash settlements, the difference between call option and put option, and lastly, the basic strategies in options trading.

These courses are available in Hindi, English, and some regional languages like Tamil, Gujarati, and Telugu. These derivatives courses in India are also available in formats other than text, i.e., audio and video.

Every chapter in the application is followed by a small quiz to test your learning and help you gain confidence in yourself. Lastly, you can get hold of the audio and video courses by becoming a pro member of the Stock Pathshala.

In addition to these courses included in the premium version of the application, you can also buy the paid courses offered by Sensibull.

The courses offered by Sensibull at the Stock Pathshala application are:

  • Options Greeks

This course talks about the advanced level of Options trading. It teaches the concepts of Option Greeks that can only be understood after a trader or investor has working knowledge of options.

It covers Delta, Theta, Vega, Gamma, and Weekend effect, among others.

  • Basics of Options Trading

The title of the course tells you the context of this course. The course comprises videos, supplementary notes, and quizzes to help you in learning the basics of options trading.

So, if you want to subscribe to a dedicated course on Options trading, we got you covered.

  • The Ultimate Options Strategies

Would you want to learn the practical aspects of options trading?

Well, that was a rhetorical question! We know you do.

So, this courses on derivatives in India is dedicated to options strategies. While you understand the theoretical aspects of the strategies, you’ll be gaining practical and application-oriented insights into options trading.

It covers various aspects like bull spread, bear spread, short strangles and straddles, short icon condor and butterfly, and much more.

It is a detailed course on Options trading in Hindi. The course is in video format and has very small detail about options trading covered.

It touches on the aspects of the settlement, buying vs selling, liquidity, time value decay, and much more.

These courses are to be bought separately as they are priced individually. You can look for these by setting the filter at Paid courses. 


The Stock Pathshala app has brought a revolution in the world of stock market e-learning platforms with various multimedia formats and the option to study in multiple languages.

The courses are offered in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, and Telugu. This feature enhances the learning experience of people who are comfortable learning in regional languages. Many more languages will be added to the list soon.

The list of derivatives courses in India is long, but before you invest in learning, you must be sure about the details of the courses offered.

Learning about this financial segment is the first step of investment you take towards reaching the destination of trading in derivatives.

There are multiple stock market courses available. In addition to the courses, you get to access stock market articles that discuss the latest happenings.

These articles are the resource center for those who are complete newbies in the trading industry.

Furthermore, you can check the latest addition to the Stock Pathshala application – Shorts. This feature is about explaining the small details of the stock market in less than a minute.

These videos are crispy and loaded with basic information.

The courses are designed with the intent to ease the path of learning about derivatives and make the process fun.

Before investing capital, invest your time in learning Stock Market.
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