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Value Investing is trending among traders and investors these days. Thus, many of them are looking for a good value investing course in learning Warren Buffett’s art of investing.

But before we discuss the courses, we must try to understand what value investing is.

Value investing is a unique way to invest in the share market. Mr. Benjamin Graham founded it in his Value Investing Books The Intelligent Investor.

This investment style became more prevalent among traders and investors after the 2008 global financial crisis.

The investment strategy gained even more fame with Mr. Warren Buffett’s skyrocketing popularity, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

Value investing is the process of buying shares that are trading in the market at less than their intrinsic value or expected value. It is dependent on the share, either being overvalued or undervalued.

When the market price is more than the intrinsic value, it is overvalued, and when the market price is below the intrinsic value, it is known to be undervalued.

The shares are bought when undervalued and sold when they cross their inherent value.

Only long term investors follow this investment style, and their buying or selling patterns are generally in the opposite direction as that of the market.

Now that we have a strong foundation of value investing, we should discuss the value investing courses.

Value Investing Courses in India

Value investing courses are available in various formats and multiple languages. Before you subscribe to any course or pay a hefty amount for buying the study material, there are many factors to consider.

A brief list of these factors is as follows:

  • The Medium of Content (Video, Audio, Text, etc.)

According to various scientific studies, videos are the best source to learn stock market as the learner’s grasping power is heavily dependent on the mode of learning adopted.

Thus, before finalizing your subscription to a program or course, make sure you select the one that suits you the best and simplifies your learning experience.

  • Points Covered

Going through the course outline before investing your time, energy, and money in the value investing courses is extremely necessary. Thus, check the aspects the course will cover to avoid becoming a fool.

Many points in a topic might need a detailed explanation to understand its nuances. You must ensure that the specifics are adequately discussed. If you miss out on these, you might face unprecedented situations in the market.

  • Is it in Line with your Requirements?

Imagine paying for a course that isn’t in line with your requirements. Irritating and frustrating, right?

We understand that feeling, which is why we want to warn you. Select a value investing course that matches your requirements. It is necessary as it might be disappointing to invest in something that is not as per your wish.

  • Content Quality

The quality of content delivered in the value investing course varies with the educator. The content might be redundant and sometimes state unnecessary information.

Thus, before finalizing the value investing courses online, skim through the content. This step would help in checking the formulation of the course and the level of language used.

You must look for these essential factors.

  • Language of the Course

Although English has become a universal language, many people cannot study due to a lack of exposure to the said language. Moreover, India is a country where the mother tongue changes after a few kilometers.

This reason makes it necessary to provide value investing courses in multiple languages. It would help those who have no understanding of English and increase the reach of the educator’s knowledge.

  • Duration of the Course

The duration of value investing courses in India varies as it depends on its content and format. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to 3 – 4 months to complete the course.

The final learning step is entirely based on the trader’s hands-on experience or investor in the stock market.

  • Accessibility to the Course Material

The most common way to trick learners into subscribing to the value investing course is by tricking them into false accessibility duration. How?

Many value investing courses do not mention the duration of accessibility to the study material in their description. This partial information leads to the complete dismissal of this factor.

Thus, when you log on to the website or mobile application to look for the course details, ensure the accessibility of course material is mentioned. Otherwise, contact the educator or service provider for the same.

Generally, the accessibility is until you complete the course, but the duration varies in a few cases. For instance, it may be for a year, and the luckiest of you might be able to avail it for a lifetime.

  • Credentials of the Educator

This factor is difficult to miss as you might undoubtedly look for who the educator is and his achievements. 

Ensure small aspects like the educator’s experience, knowledge, and teaching style as you won’t like to learn from a novice or someone who isn’t well aware of the respective field.

Best Value Investing Courses

The best value investing courses are dependent on the multiple factors listed above. With easy access to the internet, the educators and learners have moved online for their respective actions.

So, as the demand for value investing courses online has skyrocketed, the supply is not lagging in catching up. In this regard, many educational platforms have come up, and various mobile applications have been launched.

Some features of the value investing courses provided online are as follows:

  • Access to notes, video lectures, real-world examples, and other components to develop the required skill in the subject matter.
  • Every tutorial, course, or specialization is put together by the top universities’ best educators like Stanford, Columbia, Harvard, etc.
  • Top value investing courses are offered by these universities that enhance your resume.
  • These courses provide you with the fundamentals of the subject, making better value investing decisions.
  • The course comprises hands-on projects that will help you understand the concept of value investing in detail.
  • You earn a certificate for every course you complete.
  • The popular courses offer self-paced course duration to reduce problems for the learner and ease his learning journey.
  • Many portals or mobile applications offer specialization programs to focus on a single aspect.

The online portals and other value investing course sources are loaded with all these features and are listed in the course description or their corresponding web pages.

You will find multiple courses like Value Investing Courses, Value Investing Bootcamp, Value Investment Courses, etc., across the internet. These courses are divided into numerous levels like – Beginner, Mixed, Advanced.

Generally, these courses are available in the English language and are offered in video format. Almost all portals are limited to the video format due to its established popularity, but many learners switch to audio and podcast formats for easy learning.

Further, this format reduces the restriction only to learn as you can be working while learning about value investing. One brilliant value investing course online is offered by Stock Pathshala, an uprising stock market education mobile application.

Value investing courses offered by this mobile application have been discussed below.

Warren Buffett’s Value Investing Course

This value investing course is offered by an uprising Stock Market Education Mobile Application – Stock Pathshala.

The course covers aspects like building blocks of value investing, various financial statements, intrinsic value, and much more. It is written in an easy to understand format and is presented in the English language.

Currently, Warren Buffett’s value investing course is the only course related to this popular investment style. More courses are in the pipeline, and you’ll learn value investing in detail with this mobile application.

Moreover, the course is soon to be launched in multiple languages like Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, and Hindi. The duration of the course is self-paced.

Why Choose Stock Pathshala?

Stock Pathshala is a new entrant in the stock market education but leaves a mark in the user’s mind because of its distinctive features. A list of its features is as follows:

  1. The application can be accessed in English and Hindi versions.
  2. Stock Pathshala App has more than five courses uploaded.
  3. New courses are uploaded every week.
  4. The courses are available on various aspects of the stock market.
  5. The courses are uploaded in multiple formats – Audio, Text, Video.
  6. Every chapter in the course is followed by a small quiz.
  7. The courses are written in an easy to understand language.
  8. The mobile application is accessible in two versions – Free and Paid.
  9. Stock Pathshala is an attempt in the direction of simplifying stock market education.
  10. The courses are multilingual. You can learn stock market aspects in Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, English, and Hindi. Moreover, more languages are to be added soon.
  11. ‘Shorts’ is a unique feature of this application that explains basic stock market concepts in less than a minute.
  12. The aspects covered via courses are – basics of the stock market, commodity trading, currency trading, learn fundamental analysis, ratio analysis, technical analysis, chart patterns, indicators, oscillators, intraday trading, learn derivatives trading, and much more!
  13. Various articles discuss the different types of stockbrokers, stockbroker reviews, PMS houses, upcoming IPOs, NRI trading, trading platforms, and such relevant information about the stock market.
  14. Further, there is a section for videos where the latest happenings of the stock market are updated.
  15. Moreover, various stock market aspects are also covered in the podcast format to learn while completing your tasks.
  16. Lastly, Stock Pathshala provides you with multiple offers on brokerage, demat account opening, AMC, discounts, and many more!

Although there are significantly less value investing courses available on the Stock Pathshala app, more relevant courses are soon to be added.

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