Fundamental Analysis Course

Fundamental Analysis Course

Are you looking for a fundamental analysis course, but can’t find the right one? We think your search has come to an end. Are you getting confused?

Don’t worry! Stock Pathshala is an excellent educational platform and won’t be confused for long. *winks*

We are talking about finding the perfect fundamental analysis course on this uprising stock market education mobile application. Fundamental Analysis is the key to trading in the trading styles that involve long term investments.

Although in a few short term investments, you might need to use fundamental analysis. So, before we start discussing the fundamental analysis course in detail, let’s first understand – what is fundamental analysis?

To determine if financial security is accurately valued in the stock market, a trader or investor uses fundamental analysis. The analysis is conducted at various levels, from the macro to the micro perspective of the market.

Generally, fundamental analysts study the state of the overall economy and then move on to analyze the specific industry. In the end, they look for the specifics of the individual company.

This analysis is heavily dependent on public data to calculate the actual value of financial security.

For instance, to determine a bond’s value, the analyst or investor looks at the significant economic factors like interest rate, then studying the issuer, including potential changes in the credit rating, etc.

If we pick one financial security – stocks, its fundamental analysis requires earnings, revenues, return on equity, future growth, profit margins, and other such data to determine the value of the company.

All this data can be collected from the company’s financial statements.

Although the stock fundamental analysis course is the most talked about, it can be used for going through any financial security from a derivative to a bond.

The predictions and determinations made by the analyst are only an estimate according to his educated opinion and might vary the reality in a few cases. Thus, taking a call is always the discretion of the investor and not the analyst.

The determined value of financial security is popularly known as its Intrinsic Value. If the estimated value is higher than the market price, it is labeled as undervalued and is suitable for buying.

On the other hand, if the estimated value is lower than the market price, it is highly risky to be bought or held. Thus, it is suitable to sell the financial security.

Fundamental Analysis is in stark contrast to the technical analysis that helps you predict the direction of prices by analyzing the historical data for price and volume.

To know learn technical analysis, read books for technical analysis that will help you to gain the knowledge along with investment.

Fundamental Analysis is categorized as Qualitative and Quantitative.

The Qualitative Fundamental Analysis comprises information in the form of numbers and amounts, and the Quantitative aspect talks about the nature or standard of financial security.

Some important points considered in selecting a company for investing or trading are qualitative and play a massive role in the process.

They are listed as follows:

▶️ The business model of the company

▶️ Management of the corporate

▶️ The company’s competitive advantage

▶️ Corporate governance 

In addition to these points, some other qualitative aspects are – regulation, business cycle, customer base, industry-wide growth, competition, and market share among its counterpart firms.

Although to take a balanced decision of investment with a particular stock is taken after completing a detailed technical and fundamental analysis course, newbies in the industry, tend to prefer fundamental analysis over the other.

Having understood the basics of this analysis style, you must be excited to learn fundamental analysis in detail. Detailed fundamental analysis course is available in the market, and you can choose the one that suits your pace and learning style.

Let’s now learn about the various aspects of the online fundamental analysis course.

Fundamental Analysis Course Online

When a learner is looking for a fundamental analysis course online, they have to consider multiple factors before subscribing or paying for a particular course. It is necessary to look out for these.

Let’s discuss these points briefly:

  • Medium of Content

The content is provided in multiple ways. Thus, it is upon the learner to decide the mode of learning. The various options are – Pre-recorded video sessions, podcasts, blogs, books, live classes, and many more.

According to various scientific studies, videos are considered to be the best form of learning. Select the one that suits you the most and start learning from a fundamental analysis course.

  • Points Covered

The course contents are essential to go through before you invest yourself in the fundamental analysis course. The outline of the course should cover the points related to the title of the course.

This aspect is necessary as you would not want to be involved with a course that doesn’t meet your expectations regarding topic coverage.

  • Content Quality

In many situations, the learner makes a fool out of himself because he ignored an important aspect – quality check before subscribing to the course.

To avoid this situation, you can ask for a demo session. Check the content quality, get in touch with a few people who have completed the course. After a proper quality check, you can avoid redundant information, save money and time.

  • Accessibility Access to the Course Material

When a course is provided online, there’s a timeline for which you can access the course material. This period is known as the access period. Many educators tend to hide this from the course description, and others provide it

It is necessary to check for this to avail the facility of studying at your own pace.

  • Is it in Line with Your Requirements?

Imagine completing a fundamental analysis course after paying a considerable fee and learning nothing new.

Painstakingly hurtful, right?

Thus, before investing your time, money, and energy in a particular course, make sure it meets your learning requirements. Go through the course outline briefly and ask all the possible questions to the educator.

  • Credentials of the Educator

We can bet that you won’t miss out on this aspect but reminding you is our responsibility. You must be sure of the credentials of the educator as you are going to follow the words of that individual in your trading journey.

Choosing the wrong person might cost you a lot of money and inefficient trading experiences.

  • Duration of the Course

The duration plays a vital role for the learners as some wish to complete the course in the minimum time possible, and others wish to take it according to their pace.

Look for this detail in the course description and make sure it matches your pace of learning.

  • Language of the Course

At times, one of the most significant barriers in learning is language. To overcome this, many educators have started to provide fundamental analysis courses in various languages.

Moreover, India is a country where the mother tongue of individual changes every few kilometers. Thus, it has become imperative to provide the course in various languages.

Now that the essential factors to consider before you subscribe to a fundamental analysis course are covered, we should move ahead to discussing the best fundamental analysis course available in the market.

Best Fundamental Analysis Course

With all the aspects discussed, let’s list the best online course for fundamental analysis. An uprising star in the stock market education platform is Stock Pathshala. Download the mobile app here.

The courses provided by this financial education mobile application are listed below:

  • Fundamental Analysis of Stocks (English)

As the name suggests, this fundamental analysis course is about the basics. The course is available in the English language and can be accessed in the free version of the Stock Pathshala app.

The topics covered in this course are – fundamental analysis factors, balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and much more.

The course is well suited for beginners in the field and is uploaded in textual form

  • Advanced Fundamental Analysis of Stocks (English)

This fundamental analysis course is dedicated to advanced learners. The course is available in the English language and is accessible in the free version of the mobile application.

Some of the topics covered in the course are – the importance of fundamental analysis, industry analysis, ways to do the best analysis, and other similar concepts. You can complete this fundamental analysis course at your own pace as it is textual.

  • Fundamental Analysis Next Level (English)

This fundamental analysis course is in the audio format and is available in the English language. The topics covered in this course are – risk and return concept, the process of choosing stocks, various financial statements, and much more.

The course can be accessed after becoming a pro member of the mobile application.

  • Fundamental Analysis (Hindi)

Stock Pathshala is among the few platforms that provide you with content in multiple formats and languages. Hindi is one of those. This fundamental analysis course is available in textual form.

Few topics covered in this course are – fundamental analysis basics, choosing long-term investment stocks, factors of fundamental analysis, and similar topics. This course stands behind the wall of premium membership.

  • Fundamental Analysis for Experts (Hindi)

For learners whose primary language is Hindi, it gets challenging to find content in the language. Majorly all education platforms use English as the medium to enhance the reach.

Stock Pathshala provides you with multiple fundamental analysis courses in the textual format in the Hindi language.

A few of the topics covered in this course are – news analysis, global factors for long-term investment, rating the shares, etc.

This course is accessible after subscribing as a pro member of the application.

  • Fundamental Analysis for Experts (Gujarati)

Stock market fundamental analysis course is rarely available in the regional languages of the Indian subcontinent. To overcome this barrier, Stock Pathshala introduces courses in various regional languages, one of them being Gujarati.

This course is in textual form is the translation of the Hindi course – Fundamental Analysis. The topics covered here are – factors of fundamental analysis, various financial statements of a company and are loaded with real-life examples.

These courses in the regional language are hidden behind the premium subscription of the mobile application.

  • Fundamental Analysis (Telugu)

To enhance the experience of our users, we have commenced providing courses in many regional languages. Telugu is the first step towards covering the South Indian languages.

Thus, the above course in Hindi has also been translated into Telugu. The course is accessible in the premium version of the application and is in textual form.


In the ocean of competitors, Stock Pathshala stands out because of the value for money aspect. The user is offered many other features to add to the experience. Some of these are listed below:

  • The courses are available in multimedia formats – Text, Video, and Audio.
  • The language is elementary and easy to understand.
  • The app is available in English and Hindi.
  • A brief quiz is tested after every chapter.
  • The application is accessible in two versions – Free and Paid.
  • The app aims to simplify the concepts of the stock market.
  • The courses provided cover various aspects of the stock market – basics, derivatives course(including basics like call option, put option, etc) trading types, multiple financial securities. Further, you’ll find multiple technical analysis, indicators, oscillators, and fundamental analysis course.
  • A unique feature named – ‘Shorts’ is accessible in videos to explain basic concepts in less than a minute.
  • The courses are multilingual – English, Tamil, Hindi, Gujarati, and Telugu. Many more regional languages will be added soon.
  • Stock Pathshala extends various offers for the users. Some of them are related to brokerage, demat account opening, AMC, etc.!
  • Lastly, the application is loaded with various articles that guide you about the stockbrokers, PMS companies, upcoming IPOs, reviews and ratings, and similar information about the stock market.

These features help the application to gain an edge over its competitors. If you wish to pay for a fundamental analysis course, you must be looking for a platform that helps you in the various aspects related to the stock market.

The answer to all your queries lies in this mobile application. The most distinctive and appreciated feature is the multilingual courses. Further, many users have also praised the simple language used.

The premium content available in the mobile application is worth your time, energy, and money.

Happy learning, folks!

Before investing capital, invest your time in learning Stock Market.
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