NISM Certification Courses 

Are you thinking of gaining excellence in the financial arena? If yes, the gateway for it is the NISM certification courses. 

Over time, the mindset shift has made people realize the importance of financial aptitude. Also, SEBI has taken the initiative to improve the standards of financial professionals working in different domains in India. 

Cracking these NISM certification exams will lead you to a bright future in the financial world. If you satisfy the NISM course eligibility, you are good to go! 

But keep in mind that without the right knowledge and understanding of the syllabus for these stock market courses, it is difficult to crack these certification exams. So, let’s discuss the syllabus first!

NISM Certificate Course Syllabus 

NISM conducts various certification exams for different job roles in the finance world. Hence, every candidate should choose the right course for him and understand its syllabus thoroughly. 

Here are some of the courses, that you can prepare for by joining stock market classes

1. NISM Series-II A: Registrars and Transfer Agents (Corporate) Certification Examination

  • Basics of Securities
  • Characteristics of Equity Shares
  • Overview of Debt Securities
  • Features of Other Securities
  • Mutual Funds Basics
  • Role and Regulations of SEBI
  • Public Offer of Securities
  • Modes of allotment of shares other than Public Offers
  • Processes linked to Public Offering of Shares
  • Roles and Duties in a Public Issue
  • Knowledge of Depository Services
  • Processes Associated with Depositories
  • Investor Interface with the R&T Agent
  • Understanding Secondary Market Transactions
  • Servicing of Clients

3. NISM Series-II B: Registrars and Transfer Agents (Mutual Funds) Certification Examination

  • Introduction to Securities
  • Features of Equity Shares
  • Overview of Debt Securities
  • Understanding of Other Securities
  • Role and Regulations of SEBI
  • Understanding of Registrars and Transfer Agents
  • Regulations of Registrar and Transfer Agents 
  • Mutual Funds Basics
  • Structure and Constituents of Mutual Fund 
  • Products Linked to Mutual Fund
  • Concepts Related to Mutual Funds Operations
  • Types of Investors in Mutual Funds
  • Banking Activities in Mutual Funds
  • Understanding Financial Transactions
  • Various Non-Financial Transactions

4. NISM-Series-VII: Securities Operations and Risk Management Certification Examination

  • Securities Market
  • Different Participants in the Securities Market
  • Overview of Securities Broking Operations
  • Techniques of Risk Management 
  • Overview of the Clearing Process
  • Settlement Process
  • Process for Investor Grievances and Arbitration
  • Other Broker Services

5. NISM-Series-VIII: Equity Derivatives Certification Examination

  • Learn Derivatives Basics
  • Overview of Index
  • Forwards and Futures
  • Concept of Options
  • Equity futures and Equity options Strategies
  • Review of Trading Mechanism
  • Clearing and Settlement System
  • Legal and Regulatory Environment
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Practices in Sales and Various Investors Protection Services

6. NISM Series-XII: Securities Markets Foundation Certification Examination

  • Securities Markets And their Performance
  • Types, Features and Concepts Of Asset Allocation And Investing
  • Primary Markets in Securities
  • Introduction to Secondary Markets
  • Guide on Mutual Funds
  • Understanding of Derivative Markets

7. NISM-Series-XIII: Common Derivatives Certification Examination

  • Fundamentals of Derivatives
  • Underlying Markets
  • Introduction to Forwards and Futures
  • Futures Strategies 
  • Options Basics – Use of Options on Equities and Currencies
  • How to do Option Trading using Strategies through Equity Options and Currency options?
  • Overview of Trading, Clearing, Settlement & Risk Management
  • Understanding the Legal and Regulatory Environment
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Details of Sales Practices, Code of Conduct and Investor Protection Measures

8. NISM-Series-XV: Research Analyst Certification Examination

  • Research Analyst Profession Overview
  • Basics of Securities Market
  • Equity And Debt Markets Terminologies
  • Research Fundamentals
  • Economic Analysis Guide
  • Industry Analysis 
  • Company Analysis – Business And Governance
  • Company Analysis – Financial Analysis
  • Concept of Corporate Actions
  • Different Valuation Principles
  • Risk And Return Fundamentals 
  • Good Research Report Qualities
  • Understanding of Legal And Regulatory Environment

9. NISM-Series-XVI: Commodity Derivatives Certification Examination

  • Commodity Markets
  • Overview of Commodity Futures
  • Concept of Commodity Options
  • Basics of Commodity Indices
  • Commodity Derivatives Usage
  • Everything About Trading Mechanism
  • Clearing Settlement and Risk Management of Commodity Derivatives
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Commodity Derivatives Legal & Regulatory Environment 

So, these are the details about the NISM certification courses and their syllabus. After gaining this information, you should start searching for the right platform to crack these certification exams on the first attempt.

NISM Classes

Stock Pathshala! Without a doubt, it is the best online study platform to gain knowledge for the NISM certification courses. 

You can choose from the NISM basic course to the advanced one from the NISM classes on the Stock Pathshala App to watch the lectures of expert mentors. 

Under the influence of experienced teachers, you will be able to cover the NISM certificate course syllabus with a great understanding of every concept.

Why is so much hype about SP? Due to the following reasons!

  • Live Learning in Simple Language
  • Well-Researched Study Material and Notes 
  • Recorded Lectures in High-Quality
  • Experienced Teachers for Every Subject
  • Focus on the Practical Way of Teaching
  • Students can Learn Anywhere 


Summing up, we would say that the list of NISM certification courses comprises 29 exams about different segments of the securities market. 

For someone willing to dive into the finance sector, the baby step is pursuing these courses. As mentioned above, Stock Pathshala is the best online study platform for it. 

We hope you liked this post and gained useful information about this subject. For more similar posts, stay connected with Stock Pathshala!

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