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The world is full of options, they say. That totally happens to be the case, if “they” are talking about stock marketing courses. The internet, it seems, is soon going to explode from all the overcrowding in the domain of distributing, offering stock market courses online. 

Despite the fact, this particular space already houses more than it can handle, one problem sticks out glaringly, i.e. lack of credibility of the sources that offer these share market courses.

A vast number of the courses either provide the wrong information or don’t provide comprehensive information about the topics pertaining to the stock market.

Either way, these are way too expensive at the same time and don’t really offer much value for money. 

Budding traders or investors who don’t have much clue about the subject but are willing to have a crack at the stock market must know that gaining success in the Stock Market is a hard nut to crack. 

Many step foot into the Stock Market with all the enthusiasm in the world, but the lack of knowledge, and most importantly, a plan sees their aspirations come crashing down to the ground.

So, the safest bet in as risky a domain as the stock market is to enter fully equipped with all the necessary information.

Stock Pathshala is one platform that scores big time on the promise of educating people about the stock market through the means of stock marketing courses.

Courses for Stock Market

In essence, a course on the stock market should encompass topics such as the various trading segments of equity, derivatives, commodity, etc., as well as provide the learner with the practical knowledge required to conduct analysis about stock’s business’ performance. 

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In addition, these trading courses online should educate learners about the various tools that come in handy in conducting the above analysis.

Any experienced trader will vouch for the importance of conducting a thorough analysis, be it Fundamental or Technical.

Learners can heave a sigh of relief as the trading courses available on the e-learning platform Stock Pathshala certainly don’t miss the above parameters. 

Currently, Stock Pathshala offers courses on trading segments such as equity, currency, commodity, derivatives, etc. with intraday trading, long-term fundamentals as well as technical touchpoints.

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1. Equity Trading Courses

Of all, the term equity is the most commonly resonating in the Stock Market. The term refers to having ownership of a company in the form of assets or other financial resources. 

Equity in a business depicts your share in a particular company. The direction in which the company goes, be it upwards or downwards, is what decides your profit or loss in your equity investments. 

Businesses invite investors to buy their stakes or equity in any of the following cases:: 

  1. When the business is just starting operations
  2. As part of their expansion plans

Now when it comes to investing in equity, the people get into it with the objective of creating wealth. Although this seems to be easy, it actually is not!

For this, you have to understand different concepts, like gaining a proper understanding of the company, analyzing stocks, picking stocks by doing proper analysis using fundamental and technical analysis concepts.

Such a scenario speaks out loud about the need for equity trading courses from a reliable source.

In all, enrolling yourself in the right course can actually help you to make a smart investment decision and to meet the objective of trading and investment. 

2. Derivatives Courses

Derivatives are interesting. Derivatives are immensely rewarding. However, Derivative Trading often has been singled out as the most confusing trading segment. 

The financial contracts Derivatives don’t have a value of their own but rather draw it from the underlying asset or, in some cases, a combination of assets. The assets can be any of these – commodity, currency, equity, etc.

Derivative trading is a settlement between a buyer and a seller wherein the seller promises to deliver the asset or a combination of assets on a future date at a preset price.

The future value of the underlying asset dictates the price of a derivative.

Further, there are four types of derivatives, although Futures and Options hog all the limelight. Even the experienced folks of the stock market sometimes are as oblivious about other derivative types – Swaps and Forwards.  

Stock Pathshala’s vast array of courses includes derivative courses to help anyone from a beginner who would first have to be acquainted with the basics of derivatives to advanced courses to help the experienced trader enhance their knowledge.

The free textual course, “Introduction to Derivatives,” serves the purpose of familiarizing the rookie investor or trader with the term and the concepts of derivatives. 

Here in the course, we discuss various types of derivatives, i.e., Forwards, Futures, Swaps, and Options, and learn about the whole process of trading in derivatives.

In case you are thinking to go for Swing trading, it is good to have a look at books about Swing Trading, so that you stay updated with the trends.

In addition to the text course, the platform also offers an audio course by the name, “Derivatives Trading In India,” which will walk the learner through the basics of derivative trading.

Option Trading Courses

Options, as discussed above, is a type of derivative contract. They, along with Futures, stand out as the favourites among investors. Many turn to options for healthy financial gains as well as the intention of profiteering from major fluctuations in the market over time.

In options trading, a seller sells his assets for a certain price on a particular date in the future to a buyer who may or not wish to exercise his right to purchase the specific underlying asset. 

Here the buyer does not have any obligation to exercise the contract on the expiry date. 

However, the buyer shall have to pay an amount called “Premium” for every such transaction. 

This again looks easier on paper than what really happens in real life. Thus, the novice trader, an investor might find it tough to gain information and make sense about what all goes on through the process. 

Such learners can, however, turn to Stock Pathshala. The stock market e-learning platform houses free textual option courses for beginners, such as “Introduction To Derivatives,” which will give learners a clue about the trading segment. 

Additionally, they also have premium textual courses such as “Gateway To Future and Options,” which will educate the learner about related terms, topics to Options trading, and advanced concepts of options.

The same course is available in video format and audio format as well. The name of the video course is “How To Get Into Derivatives Trading,” whereas “Getting into Future and Options” is the name of the latter.

Stock Pathshala also has collaborations with the prominent options trading platform – Sensibull, which have three video courses to educate about options trading. 

In addition to their course for beginners “Basics of Options Trading,” they also offer advanced level courses such as “Options Greek” and “The Ultimate Options Strategies” – which talks about the finest options trading strategies that a trader can employ to skyrocket the return on their investment.

Futures Trading Courses

Futures, just like Options, are derivative contracts. However, there is one major distinction that separates Futures from Options. That is, in the case of Futures, the two parties involved in the contract are under the obligation to go ahead with the transaction on the “delivery date.”

The seller has to sell his underlying asset, and the buyer has to buy it under all conditions agreed upon at the time of signing the contract. The underlying asset can be a commodity, currency, equity, or a combination of these assets. 

Futures apart from the one difference mentioned above is quite similar to options. Similar in features and similar in terms of giving rise to confusion around the financial contract. Relevant information is scarce and accurate information is even rarer.

The learners who wish to learn stock market and specifically about Futures Trading can do so by accessing the Stock Pathshala platform where they can find various futures derivatives courses as per their trading needs. 

A beginner with no prior knowledge of the Futures contracts can enrol in the free textual course “Introduction to Derivatives,” which will make the learners aware of the derivatives trading segment as well as grow familiarity with the term – Futures.

Then, the learner can eventually make the shift to advanced courses. The advanced courses are available in textual, video as well as audio form. 

The textual Futures trading course named “Gateway To Future and Options” tackles more advanced concepts. In this course, you will learn futures and some of the most effective futures trading strategies. 

Further, learners can access the video course named – “How To Get Into Derivatives Trading,” or to avail more advanced learning, you can get access to the audio course – “Getting into Future and Options.”

Both courses provide learners with deep insight into the futures trading segment.

3. Commodity Trading Courses 

Commodities are items, goods that can be traded in the stock market. Some of the commodities that can be traded are agricultural products, mining products. 

Commodity Trading is one of the fascinating trading segments because of all the options it offers to a trader. Many traders turn to commodity trading in order to diversify their investment portfolios. 

The list of agricultural goods contains cocoa, sugar, coffee, and grains such as wheat, rice, barley, corn, among others. 

The mining products include non-renewable resources such as petroleum, coal, and precious metals such as gold, silver, etc.

Investors can commodity trade through a number of means. These include Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and derivatives such as futures, forwards, options, and swaps. 

Commodity trading is a risky venture as prices of any commodity are regulated by market supply and demand, which can be affected both positively and negatively by political disturbances. 

This risky nature of commodity trading thus calls to be dealt with caution. Anyone shouldn’t venture into the trading segment without proper know-how of the working mechanisms, processes, and risks involved.

However, there are willing traders waiting for their chance to earn big through commodity trading who lack the correct guidance and therefore look for commodity trading courses online. 

Stock Pathshala looks to cater to such traders and investors through their trading journey by offering Commodity trading courses. The platform offers the course on Commodity trading in the audio podcast, video, and text format.

“Introduction To Commodities” is the name of the free text course which is available to all the users of the platform. The course talks about the term – commodity trading, its classification, and the risks of commodity trading. 

Further, the course acquaints the user with the rules and regulations with respect to commodity futures in India and reveals the trading strategies of Arbitrage and Spreads. 

Also, an audio course by the same name and a video course “Commodities Trading Simplified” is available on the platform, which learners can access to enlighten themselves about the trading segment.

4. Intraday Trading Course

Intraday trading involves the act of purchasing and selling financial security in a single day itself. Usually, traders participate in intraday trading with the motive of making profits on investments in a short period of time. 

Rookie traders commit the mistake of believing the popular myth that goes around in the trading world that Intraday trading is the best option for the ones trading for the first time. 

However, the uninformed trader doesn’t realize how faulty the belief is, until they see their investment going down the drain. 

Since it is the shortest trading segment, Intraday traders require a proper understanding of the operations, trading tools, and short term investment strategies to carry out a successful trade. 

Ideally, any good intraday trading course would cover all the topics mentioned above. But such poor is the plight of the stock market education that many of these short term strategies employed by intraday traders don’t quite find a place in the intraday trading course online.

The budding traders, therefore, can feel helpless and see a full stop to all their trading aspirations. Apparently, Stock Pathshala, with all the informational courses on topics related to the stock market, ensures that this doesn’t turn out to be the case.

The free intraday trading course, “How To Make Winnings In Intraday Trading” will educate a learner about the basic buy and sell system in intraday trades, and trend analysis, along with providing the necessary information about the immensely critical topic of stop-loss orders.

The comprehensive-textual course also talks about Multi Top and Bottom breakouts with morning strategy as well as the complex topics of gap up and gap down.

5. Fundamental Analysis Course

Long-term investments call for analysis, or more precisely, fundamental analysis of stock or stocks that a trader wishes to trade-in. Investors spend a whole lot of time studying, evaluating stocks before settling for the one.

Fundamental analysis is a tool that investors, traders employ for making long term investments. This usually involves evaluating a stock and acquiring relevant information about the same so as to predict its performance in the future.

Analysts make use of a variety of tools and factors – financial, economical for the purpose of drawing estimations of a stock’s valuation in the coming 4 – 5 years, or sometimes even longer. The first step of the process requires filtering through a whole lot of stocks taking aid from the numerous stock selection strategies.

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Fundamental analysis is one of the advanced topics, which requires the trader to be equipped with an understanding of the stock market technical terms. It, therefore, becomes essential for a beginner to look for a fundamental analysis course online.

The course “Fundamental Analysis of Stocks” available on the e-learning platform Stock Pathshala is the perfect way to kickstart learning. 

The course covers everything from discussing basic concepts of fundamental analysis, stock selection strategies to concepts of risk and return and balance sheets. 

Every topic has been backed with plenty of examples to help make the picture clearer in the mind of the reader. The cherry on top is that this is a free textual course available to every user of the platform. 

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If the user would like to move ahead and learn more about the topic, he/she can do so by enrolling in the text course “Advanced Fundamental Analysis of Stocks,” which will provide the in-depth learner knowledge of analyzing stocks.

The platform, in addition to the textual courses mentioned above, also has an audio course “Fundamental AnalysisNext Level” dedicated to the same topic.

6. Technical Analysis Courses

Trading is a risky affair, and knowledge is the participant’s only armour that will shield him/her from enduring injuries in the form of losses in monetary terms. The knowledge and the ability to read and predict stock trends, stock price trends is called Technical Analysis.

Investors conduct a technical analysis of stocks before investing in a certain stock or set of stocks. Investors don’t invest until they reach a fair bit of certainty about the ability and performance of the stock. 

Technical analysis of stock trends includes gaining accurate data of stock over a period of time to draw correct assumptions of the stock. The trader will encounter a lot of graphs and charts for technical analysis in the process. 

A newbie trader might spend a whole lot of time reading, analyzing these technical analysis charts, but still won’t be able to make sense of it at all. Only it will cause more confusion and dizziness to the minds of newbie traders. 

“Building Blocks of Technical Analysis” is a technical analysis free course that will help erase that confusion to some extent. The course ensures basic concepts of technical analysis to learners to make them more sound and confident traders.

The course further covers the topics such as charts for technical analysis, the concept of gaps in these charts, and the technical terms of resistance and support (by the way, you can learn about support and resistance in Hindi as well, here at Stock Pathshala). 

Learners get introduced to the intraday technical indicators and charts, such as candlestick. Plus, there are dedicated chapters for candlestick patterns and candlestick analysis. 

Further, our e-learning platform also has an advanced technical analysis course by the name of “Technical Analysis Using Chart Patterns,” which discusses advanced topics of breakouts, various chart patterns such as Double Top patterns, Double Bottom Patterns, Triple Top Patterns, Triple Bottom Patterns, etc.

The course acquaints the learner with the concept of wedges, Flags, and Pennants, along with lifting the lid off the extremely significant topics such as bullish and bearish engulfing patterns and the indicators such as the Stochastic oscillator. 

Also, with the course, you would be able to pick the best combinations of indicators that can help you in making a trading decision.

Let’s say you use the Relative Strength Index, you can further improve your analysis by figuring out the best indicator with RSI that can be used for better trade results.


Investing in the stock or share market is an idea slowly but steadily gaining the imagination of the people in the country.

However, the majority of the people trying to get into the share market aren’t well equipped with the financial knowledge required to trade or invest in stocks on the market.

Many educators have tried to capitalize on this opportunity and made their own stock market courses. These courses however available for a minimal fee rather than guiding the learner tend to provide them with irrelevant or straight misinformation.

On the other hand, many financial experts have turned educators to help people enhance their knowledge of the stock market or in general financial education. However, the significant problem that has since risen out of it, in the form that these courses are way too expensive and can be accessed by only a few. 

The e-learning platform, Stock Pathshala, looks to find a balance on that front. The stock market e-learning platform educates people about the stock market and financial topics is a better option for learners.

Stock Pathshala houses courses created by financial experts with a huge wealth of experience and expertise in the trading world. The experts happen to be aware of the challenges faced by learners who aspire to make a mark as a trader. 

This enables them to adopt the perspective of a learner and devise the courses accordingly while catering to the need, and helping them realize the challenges in the prospect. The courses are created in a manner to clearly lay and establish a path for the learners. 

Before investing capital, invest your time in learning Stock Market.
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